Super Mario Odyssey Review (SPOILERS)

Never have I ever played a game for this long! I beat the story staying up from 5 PM to 4 AM on October 27th. Let me just tell you it was worth every penny I paid. There is no part of the game were I felt bored or as if something is missing. How does Nintendo make such good games? I have no idea. Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, both some of the best reviewed games of all time, all in one year and both were made by Nintendo. And I thought Nintendo will go down hill after the Wii U! Odyssey really shows how capable both Nintendo and the Switch are of being the king of video games. Enough Nintendo talk, here is why I adore Super Mario Odyssey.

1.) The story: Ok it may be true that the main theme of the story is Bowser capturing Peach and Mario trying to recue her, but this is the most unique twist on that plot. Bowser needs to go to all the different kingdoms on Earth in order to get the ingredients needed to have the perfect wedding on the moon. Mario, of course, goes after Bowser in order to stop the wedding from happening. At the end of the game (SPOILERS START HERE), you beat bowser and throw your hat at him. As Bowser, you escape the wedding building and leave the moon with princess Peach. This has to be one of my favorite Mario stories, as it is more complicated than just getting the princess.

2.) The gameplay: If you are looking for a true sequel to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, you sure got one. Most of the way Mario controls is similar to 64. Each kingdom is huge and full of secrets to find. I have never had a camera, frame rate, or quality problem as I played the game. There is not one empty or boring kingdom at all. The only problem with the gameplay is that it makes me want virtual console more. It even has a small room 64 graphics instead of Odyssey graphics! Also, since I don’t have a lot to say about it, I might as well mention the music here. It is what you would expect from a Mario game, which is not a bad thing.

3.) Extras/ post game content: This is the most post game content I have seen in a while. First of all, you unlock the mushroom kingdom for beating the game which is awesome. There are still hundreds of moons to get after beating the game, and you unlock more areas of the game for collecting moons. I’m still constantly playing the game even after I beat the main story.

I give Super Mario Odyssey a 9/10. As good as the game is, the co op mode is meh and there is no Luigi. Also, some of the moons you have to collect get too repetitive or boring after a while. Other than that, the game is one of the best games I have ever played, which is amazing for such a recent game. This was worth every penny I paid. If you have a Switch, go buy it now! This game is good enough to compete and to some even surpass Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64. Nintendo, how do you make such perfection?

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