Sonic Forces and Sonic’s Future

When I first reviewed Sonic Forces, I was blind to all of the issues with this game. As a game, this is not bad. As a Sonic game, this game is meh. Forces fans, put your pitchforks down I don’t hate the game. I just feel like this game had missed potential. SEGA was trying to listen to too many fans, and I will explain. For more detail, watch this excellent video made by Bluerush1992:

First let me start with Sonic Forces’ issues before we talk about the video. Let’s get Classic Sonic out of the way, and if your a Sonic fan you should know why. Classic Sonic feels like he has twenty bottles of crazy glue stuck to his shoes. If the level design fit the new physics fine, then it would be ok. However, the problem is, they don’t. Also, do not get me started on the Green Hill Classic theme. Classic Sonic isn’t unplayable though. He is just not nearly as good as Generations, physics wise and ESPECIALLY music wise.

As for Avatar, the customization is excellent! Do I think it should return? No. The avatar will make Sonic Forces stand out more than the future games, and the customization options leave a good mark on Forces. However, the gameplay is meh. His 2D physics are horrible but his 3D physics are actually decent. I also like the music direction for the avatar and I feel like it fits him well. Overall the avatar is ok, he could just use some work. Also, I don’t know if it was just me, but I never changed wispons in my whole playthrough.

Finally, the best part of the game, modern Sonic. His gameplay was actually fun, and his physics are fine. There are too many problems with it to call it excellent, but it is the most fun I had with the game. First of all, why are there no drifts? It could be very useful, especially in areas where it gives you boost which causes you to fall off the stage. Second of all, it was way too easy and his levels were way too short. For some of his levels, you could get through half of it by boosting! On top of that, each level is 1 to 2.5 minutes each. At least his music is decent…

Let me briefly go over some of the other things I liked and disliked. I liked the tone of the story and all of the characters except two of them, and I disliked how Modern Sonic is never serious even after being in jail for 6 months, how Tails turned into a COMPLETELY USELESS SCAREDY CAT, how Infinite came and gone with very little back story, and how Classic Sonic does nothing in the story. Also, the extras feel useless and there is no real motive for doing them. Also, I really enjoyed episode Shadow and the interaction between team dark. Overall, I give Sonic a 7 out of 10. It was missed potential, but not horrible. As for the video I mentioned earlier…

I 100% agree with his video. SEGA just has too many people who want different things to listen to. Sure they can put some things the fans want, like a serious but light hearted story, but in terms of gameplay only about 1/4 of people will be pleased no matter how good the game is (there are some exceptions like Sonic Mania and Generations, but I’ll get back to that). There are Classic Sonic fans, Boost fans, Adventure fans, spin off fans and each of the fans in those 4 main Sonic fanbases have different opinions on what to do with Sonic. That is over 100,000 people to meet expectations for. But do you know what always has worked? Improving on a already well received formula. That’s where Sonic Mania and Generations come in. Sonic Generations improved almost all problems with Colors and Generations, which were both pretty well received. They put less 2D sections and improved the 3D sections which is what everyone wanted. They also had Classic Sonic, who hadn’t appeared in AGES (get it, SEGA backwards? Nevermind let’s continue) finally return. It was everything fans asked for and more. Same applies to Mania, it was a continuation and improvement to the previous classic games while mixing what everyone loved from all of the classic games. You might say: but Forces was a new boost game! But, the thing is, they didn’t improve the problems people had with Generations (which were very minimal) and they some how made the formula worse, but I won’t get into that now. Speaking of Forces, SEGA really needs to keep which ever level designers are praised, because changing the level designers except keeping one from an unliked game and only having 3 in total clearly hasn’t worked… But you get my point. So overall, Sonic just needs to come up with a formula and improve on it or keep the boost formula and create a game better than Generations in terms of new levels and a better story. Of course they can have Christian Whitehead working on new classic games for every two years. As for the Dreamcast fans, they should start with remaking the old games and then improving them with new games. Then, just maybe, SEGA could have some success with our favorite (and only) blue Hedgehog.

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