I’m Back!

I’m finally back on the website, I really mean it this time. Along with my comeback comes a website revision which is currently undergoing, it might be done by the time you read this. The revision includes changes in color themes, fonts, headline pictures, and updating the about and hello sections of the website. I plan on being more consistent with my news, and I will post the most recent news I missed soon. Also, I am currently looking for someone who can make art via computer, as I don’t have a good program for it. However, as much as it may make me sound heartless, I am unable to pay the person who makes the art. I am very sorry about that, and I hope I can help out in any other way than paying. The person will be heavily credited. If intrested please contact me. However, I will continue to cover all things Nintendo, so stay tuned and take care 😉

EDIT: Extremly talented artist has offered to help, when I can get more people’s attention I will let you know who it is.

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