Does Nintendo Need a Trophy/Achievement System?

Remember how back in the day, our actions and bragging rights were just that? Well, now a days, other systems have ways to show off exactly what you’ve achieved. With a simple, yet effective Trophy/Achievement systems. No longer can you say something like,”DUDE I just beat King Koopa without a power-up!”, without needing some sort of proof. Luckily with the new Nintendo Switch there’s a share button that allows us to have that exact proof. You can even take a 30 second video, to show how you did the thing you are bragging about. But, is it enough?

Nintendo has had a long history of creating memories that transcend time. You can still go back and replay the original Legend of Zelda, and realize that it’s just as fun as the first time you played. Many, if not all, games have that exact same level of fun and excitement, no matter how old they are. From the many times I’ve played Mario Odyssey, to playing Master Mode on Breath of the Wild for the third time I always seem to find something new to try or discover. Yet, it’s not enough for some. Granted, earning some sort of “reward”, in the form of a ding or sound notification is gratifying. Does it make it more fun? Well, if you were to ask any gambling addict, they’d say yes… to an extent. The act of achieving something in a game is akin to getting something in the real world, physically. Think of it as doing well in your chores, and getting a prize of money or affection. It feels good, but then you start craving more and more. Now, whether that feels like an exaggeration or not, depends on who you ask.

Back in the 360 era, the achievements were such a great way to show just how many hours you’ve had on a game, or your dedication to getting every single secret on a title. Shooting some games from mediocre, to good and sometimes great games just from the achievements list being so good. This, of course, caused Sony to adopt the Trophy system and use our addiction to getting some sort of “reward” for doing something we’d be doing in game anyway. With the current generation of systems we still have the Achievement and Trophy systems in place and some have evolved from what they were to begin with. They maintain the same level of addiction and need for a lot of people.

Nintendo has a history of doing what they want and when they want, rarely following trends and instead forging their own way is usually the best in terms of challenging the status quo. However, in this day and age I feel that Nintendo could and should add some sort of system to reward players on their platform. My suggestion? change My Nintendo rewards to a system similar to Achievements/Trophies. Give us a way to truly earn those coins and maybe add another tier of them like a Super Star or something that could have us feel like our in-game time was worth something. It could be done via an update or maybe even introduced when the Online Service is started. Of course the system should be in the typical Nintendo fashion, unique and fun.


Whether they implement a system or not they are starting to show that they are growing as a company and serious competition against Sony and Microsoft. Not simply by creating and making amazing games. But by embracing the changing times and helping us old school players pass down our love for Nintendo and gaming in general down to our kids and future grand kids. Lets not forget that Nintendo is over 100 years old and they will be here for many more years to come.

(Note from BulbaSour; this is a new author to the website, Poke Priest! This article was 100% by him, not me. He also had a blog so go check it out!)

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