WarioWare GOLD is Pure Gold (Micro Review)

After the mixed reception of the last game in the Wario series (Game and Wario) fans were quite skeptical about WarioWare GOLD. Well I am happy to report that WarioWare GOLD isnt just good, it’s fantastic. For those unaware don’t know WarioWare is a game series packed with hundreds of very short “microgames” that rely on reaction time to play. Which is exactly what WarioWare GOLD is, But with a bit less originality.

WarioWare gold is split up into 3 different “leagues”/gameplay styles; “Mash, Twist and Touch” with “Blow and Pop up” being added towards the end. Each style blends well with one another making for an awesome ultra mode. Each league also stands up well on its own Providing hours of fun. Each league has dozens of microgames to play such as sniffing up snot or blowing out birthday candles. And this is where things get iffy, only about 50 of the microgames are unique. This will clearly put veterans of the series a reason not to buy. Which is completely reasonable, because this game is more of a series compilation than a sequel. At least most of the reused microgames have a complete design overhaul which makes this less of a problem.

Right when you boot up the game you will get the opening cutscene, and will be tossed right into the main campaign. The main campaign Is split into the aforementioned leagues. The story mode is packed full with cutscenes with great dialogue that will get a few chuckles out of you. The story mode is a great way to Introduce the microgames to new players. However the story mode is painfully short Only being about two hours long, but that’s okay because after you beat the story the real fun starts, the extras!

After You beat the story you get access to some of the extra modes that make playing the microgames again feel fun. The highlights for me were Sneaky Gamer, Splitscreen and Wario Interrupts. Most of these modes provide a new fun way to play the game. While you play these modes you will get coins which can be used In the Capsule machine to give you new minigames and other goodies. There is also a mission checklist which can earn you even more coins! This is where the game really shines. I play these modes and play them again because they are so fun! I have probably put about 15 hours into these modes alone in the past week.

Some of the issues I had with the game is the voice acting and lack of original content. The Voice acting sometimes sounds very cheesy and/or Cringey Which is very noticable when watching the cutscenes. While the lack of Original content may be disappointing to some it is understandable since the game is a compilation, But a few new Microgames would’ve been nice. These problems don’t make the game bad per say but they did detract from my experience

This game may not have the best story mode, voice acting and original content. But I can overlook that when I’m having so much fun just playing good ol’ WarioWare. Which is why I give this game a 9/10. Thank you for reading and See you next time!