How Doom Eternal Can Change How 3rd Party Developers See the Nintendo Switch!

A couple weeks ago Bethesda showed off a lot of stuff pertaining to the game Doom Eternal, a sequel to the well received game Doom (2016). With the gameplay they showed, they also revealed to us that Doom Eternal will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. It is really rare for 3rd party developers to release AAA games on the Switch, and when they do they cut corners (looking at you Capcom!). I personally haven’t played Doom yet on the Switch but I hear that Big Red Button did a great job porting it over and its always has been on my radar.

From the looks of it Bethesda has been really supportive of the Switch, as they brought over Skyrim (one of their most popular games) as well as Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus; even with how much later they were released they still sold very well, so why wouldn’t Bethesda put their new game on a system that pretty much prints money for them? Especially since there are people like me who would want the game on multiple consoles. The studio Big Red Button has also proven that they can handle porting games to Switch after they did the ports of Rocket League as well as the aforementioned games, so as long as they can work together closely the Switch version will be fine.

I like that Bethesda is working on putting Doom Eternal on the Switch the same day as other consoles, now some of you are probably thinking this and yes I know; this October Bandai Namco will be releasing My Hero Ones Justice on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch (I’m not sure about PC but most likely it will), and even though Bandai will be doing it first I don’t think it will be as impactful as Doom Eternal. Ones Justice is an anime game and they do have the audience for it but I just haven’t seen a lot of hype around it, while Doom on the other hand has YouTubers who have been talking about it and it was shown off at the event. Bethesda is such a huge company that I’m certain once Doom Eternal is released and it shows that the Switch version is doing good, it will influence other companies to do the same. 2018 really is starting to turn around though for the Switch and AAA games. I mean besides Dark Souls getting pushed back (AGAIN) we have Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Mega Man 11, and My Hero Ones Justice all releasing on Switch the same day as its bigger competitors. By 2019 most if not all AAA games will most likely be coming to Switch and I cannot wait for that to happen.

(Also Capcom I know your cheap and probably don’t care but could we see some kind of Devil May Cry game for Switch, it doesn’t have to be 5 I’m perfectly fine with 4.)

(Say hello to Dead X, a new author who’s mascot totally didn’t rip off Deadpool. From Bulba :D)

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