Why Luigi’s Mansion Deserves Better Than the 3DS Remake.

With the launch of the Luigi’s Mansion remake (October 19th 2018), more and more people will get to play this 2001 classic. Is this a good thing? Yes. Does this game deserve better treatment? Yes. Part of me is happy that a new generation will get to experience this game, but it being on the 2011 3DS is worrisome. This game deserves much much better treatment with its remake. The Nintendo Switch would be the perfect conole to release it on but yet its remade on the 3DS. So I thought it would be fun to talk about why Luigi’s Mansion deserves better than the 3DS.

#1 It Introduced a new generation of Nintendo fans:

For many people the GameCube introduced them to gaming. It introduced post-millennials to gaming. With many of them getting ready to have kids in the near future, it would be special to show their kids their first game ever on newer hardware. Along with that, Luigi’s Mansion holds a lot of nostalgia for people just as Crash Bandicoot or Ocarina of Time for others. If those games got proper remakes with a lot of care, Luigi’s Mansion should as well.

#2 It’s a Great Game:

To many people Luigi’s Mansion is a very underrated game, myself included. It would work great on modern console! Catching ghosts and exploring a haunted mansion are timeless things that will stay great no matter what. There is something appealing about catching ghosts with Luigi, that would work any day of the week.

To many people Luigi’s Mansion is a childhood classic that should be remembered for many many years. So why release it on a dead console from 2011 when they can release it on the hugely popular Switch. It would make many people happy and sell 10 times as many copies! It’s a no brainer! Remake Luigi’s Mansion on Switch Nintendo!

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