Best Buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Demo Exclusive Interview!

Hello guys, today I have something special for you! I interviewed my Discord/Twitter buddy Alkaz (Twitter: who had time to play some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the Best Buy demo event. He was even kind enough to provide images, so enjoy! (Also; none of the pictures are of himself, they are all of others or his face blocked out if a person is included).

1.) Introduce yourself.
Hello, I’m Alkaz. I’m a high schooler from California and a big Nintendo fan, my favorite franchise being The Legend of Zelda. Also, today (9/18) is my birthday.

2.) What differences and simalarities did you notice in gameplay campared to previous installments?
I definitely noticed some major differences on the veterans I played as and the gameplay appeared to be VERY fast paced compared to Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

3.) What did you dislike?

I did, however, have a few gripes about the demo. There were eight stations that were played on, and all of which were four player free for all. And that was the first major problem, free for all with items on. It was hard to analyze the game when you kept getting launched by your opponents. You did get a chance to play one-on-one, but you had to wear this colored wristband and be their at the right time to play, and even then, you had to win a four player free-for-all in order to finally play a one-on-one, which I didn’t in the end. The main issue I had with this event was really the whole set-up, the game itself was fine though.

4.) What did you like?
I liked the prizes and rewards you get from this event, like the badges with the series logo, and the poster you get for scanning your My Nintendo QR code.

5.) Who did you play as and how did he or she play?
The characters I played as were Veteran Pokémon Trainer (Ivysaur mostly), newcomer Inkling, Zelda in her new design based on A Link to the Past (not A Link Between Worlds btw, fact), and the Link from his latest adventure in Breath of the Wild. Inkling was the most fun I had with (I played in her school uniform gear). Her melee combat moves were exceptionally fun to use and a good compensation for her ink consumption mechanic. However, the method to refill your ink tank (Shield + B) became a little problematic, and I hope there will be a better way to recover ink. Ivysaur was somewhat the least fun I had with, though then again, it’s more of the set-up that brought upon this situation. Zelda plays almost exactly like her previous appearance, so she wasn’t hard to control as an experienced Zelda player. Link feels almost naked without his hook/clawshot, but still fun to play. Overall, these characters are fun and I especially look forward to playing as Inkling. I did lose all the times played though, so RIP me.

6.) Did the demo make you more or less hyped for the final release and why?
I’m definitely more hyped than I was after E3. I was a pretty raging kind of player in Smash 4, losing is PREEETTY annoying. I’ll definitely get my act together this time around. I will definitely main Young Link, Chrom, and Simon alongside Inkling at launch.

7.) How was the presentation of the game? Did it feel smooth and run at high quality?
I got to play the game six times actually, along with my friend TheChrizen (@TheChrizen: We played on the Pro Controller (not the Smash Ultimate design, mind you) and it was pretty uncomfortable with where the controls are mapped. What annoyed me the most was tapping the left stick forward made you jump, it made me wish there was an option to turn that off so I can used my Up Special on the ground without jumping. As I said earlier, the game was super fast paced, and I look forward to all the match-ups post launch of the game.

8.) How was it waiting outside of Best Buy knowing you were about to play Smash?
That was actually the best part of the event. The event was gonna start at 11:00am (PST), so me and TheChrizen arrived at around 9:30am (PST), so the line wasn’t that far back. We got in line twice, and we technically cut the second time, but TheChrizen managed to make friends with a few dudes and they were nice enough to let us in. We made friends with plenty of people and as we got closer, we all randomly chant things like “King K. Rool” and “Isabelle” and “Goku for Smash”. There was actually a point where we all sung “Jump Up, Super Star” from Super Mario Odyssey. Also a side note, if you go to these California Nintendo Events or look at streams like from Nintendo’s San Diego Comic Con, you’ll notice a certain man with an Isabelle body pillow walking around. He, along with many others, are cool dudes.

9.) What is your most wanted new comer and echo?
My most wanted would definitely be either Skull Kid, or a unique Octoling. And if not that, I’ll be okay with just an Octoling Echo Fighter for Inkling.

10.) Rate your overall experience from 1-10
I rate this experience an 8/10. The demo setup is rather unorthodox, but the newly gained friends more than made up for it.

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you Alkaz for participating. Are you excited for Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Make sure you wish him a very happy birthday, and with that see you later!

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