Problems With the Nintendo Switch Online Service Before it Launches.

If you came here expecting a rant, you will be disappointed because rant is an understatement! Just kidding, but the Online Service clearly has some issues that we know about before it has even launched. It’s Bulba here, and it’s time to finally discuss the horror that is the Nintendo Online Service. Okay that was an over reaction but you get the point…

I’m sure many of you have heard of the cloud saving confusion. If you haven’t, Nintendo UK’s Q and A on their website states that all cloud save data will be removed immediately after your service ends. However, Nintendo’s US website suggests that cloud data may survive a while before being deleted. This should be clear by now and there is no reason why it isn’t. If our save data is automatically deleted, that’s the stupidest business decision I’ve ever seen.

Voice chat on an app doesn’t sound too terrible. But no, this is not me rambling about something I don’t need to. The Nintendo Switch Online App does not need to exist one bit. Who would go through a complicated mess going between their phone and Switch just to voice chat while playing a particular game and stopping after. Not only that but you can’t even hear the game audio while chatting. Nintendo hasn’t said a word about messaging either so how would people even know to get together in the first place? This is my biggest issue so far.

Finally my last complaint has to do with their overall marketing towards the service. “More games, more features, more fun.” Yeah right. The only thing I don’t have an issue with are the NES games which may be fun to play online. Let’s break down Nintendo’s marketing gimmick towards the service. Firstly “more games.” If I was your average customer and saw this slogan, I would have never guessed it to be twenty(+) twenty year old games, I would expect maybe early access or exclusive demos/smaller games. Secondly “more features.” Yeah sure, if you consider the broken cloud saving which is the only new feature unless they consider the special offers as a new feature which they haven’t even shown as of yet. Finally “more fun.” I think I would rather find a way to chat on Myspace rather than through the app.

Here’s what Nido17 from Twitter and YouTube has to say on the matter; “Gotta love how Nintendo is selling their online service with… controllers for games 20+ years old and multiplayer as their BIG marketing scheme. Sony may not allow cross-play, but they don’t play with my cloud storage.”

Thank you so much for reading. What do you think of the service? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below and I will see you later!

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