Super Mario Party Launch Trailer Thoughts and Feelings!

A couple days ago Nintendo UK uploaded the Super Mario Party Launch Trailer. (Super Mario party Launch trailer) I thought I should give my thoughts and feelings of this trailer and the game in general. This article may be more opinionated than usual. As a reminder Super Mario Party launches 5/10/18 (October 5th).

Minigames: The trailer starts with a footage of several minigames. I’m not gonna lie, all of these look like a blast to play. They all scream classic Mario Party. Something that does worry me are all the motion controls they showed off. Motion controls in Mario party are always a hit or miss, that’s why I am hoping that these are just a select few out of the 80 included in the game. The minigame section ends with a tease for new modes to play minigames, it looks like the standard who wins the most type of deal.Screenshot (345)

Rhythm Minigames: I’m gonna be honest rhythm minigames just don’t interest me at all, so I may have a bias. This part shows off several rhythm minigames, each one looks unique enough. The motion control demonstration looks decent but it’s just not my thing to get up and strike a silly pose. By far the best part of this section is the return of dancing Waluigi! Its been 13 years too long.

Screenshot (348)

River Survival: Nintendo didn’t show much new about this mode, but it did offer a brief recap. This mode looks good for what its trying to do, but a cooperative game mode in Mario Party isn’t generally aappealing as Mario Party is at it’s best when you walk out hating each other. So in this mode you try to get to the end in time. You can get more time by hitting balloons that have co-op minigames. This is a neat idea, but not my favorite thing ever.

Screenshot (352).png

Toads Rec Room: Not much to say, it looks decent from what I have seen.

Mario Party Mode: It looks great! No Stupid car! Stars are back! All we need now is chance time, and minigames every turn. It also adds a new element of strategy with exclusive character dice, which is neat. Besides that it’s Mario Party and it looks great, it also looks fun to screw your friends over.

Screenshot (354)

Partner Party: This looks kike the Partner mode from MP7…. WHICH I ADORED! I’m all about this…. besides one thing. The boards look more like the boards from Mario Party Star Rush. Maybe this is how all the boards look, or maybe its just for this mode. Either way I’m completely against it.

Screenshot (357)

Challenge Road: Anymore single player content is welcomed. I also like how it’s challenges for each minigame instead of beating each CPU like in Top 100

Online Mariothon: I mean I’m happy that there is some online mode, but why not online Mario Party mode with friends?

Overall this trailer was very good, I’m pleased with all the new content that they are adding. They did make some questionable changes. I will be picking up this game on launch day, what about you? You can watch the trailer using this link

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