Mega Man 11 Review: A Bust(er) Or a Must?

After a major hiatus for Mega Man, Capcom released the 11th entry in the Mega man series. Now is this new title worth getting? Is the voice acting good? Is Roll playable? All those questions and more are answered in the Mega Man 11 Review, and no Roll is not playable.

Mega Man 11 brings new blood into the Mega Man series as it introduces a new art style and a new ability called “Double gear.” Double gear does 2 things, powers you up (L) or slows down time/speeds you up (R). These abilities are very useful in the game, but they come with a cost, if you use one of these abilities for too long you will burn out the gear leaving it unusable for a bit. I see myself using the speed gear the most, it makes dodging enemy attacks very easy among numerous other things. While I never used the power gear much, I just never had many opportunities to use it. Whats really cool about the double gear is that they built the game around it so it doesn’t feel like a last second addition, but I will get into level design later on.

Even after the new additions the game is still Mega man at its core. You run, you jump, you shoot, you get new weapons from your deceased foes and you will die a lot. Mega Man games are known for their difficulty and tight platforming, which that game has of plenty of. With that being said Mega Man 11 is the most approachable Mega Man game for newcomers. It introduces a new difficulty slider to make the game the perfect difficulty for you. I really like this addition, and it should’ve been added years ago, but better late than never I suppose.

Now the level design is fantastic! I love the enemy placements and the way the game utilizes the double gears. Most stages are very fun and enjoyable, but there is one exception. Bounce mans stage is extremely frustrating. The stage is centered around bouncy balls, but where they bounce you is extremely unpredictable. This stage is 30 minutes of fighting with the bounce physics. Other than that stage I have absolutely no problems with the level design. Now lets talk bosses. At the end of every stage you fight a Robot Master or another boss, I think these fights are actually very well balanced. Every attack is readable yet still tricky to dodge which I love. Every boss has a weapon weakness that you get from another robot foe after defeating them, this brings up a point about these new weapons you get. These are by far some of the best weapons in the series yet, every weapon is fairly balanced, and serves its own purpose, but some are still more useful than others. (Block man > Impact man as an example).

After you beat the very short campaign (3-5 hours) what else can you do? Challenges of course. You have a ton of challenges awaiting you, some are simple such as Beat Block mans stage within 15 minutes while others are more unique like keeping a balloon floating for 20 shots. You can upload your replays of these challenges to an online leaderboard to see if you are better than your friends or people worldwide. You also have the Gallery to look at some of the models from the game and get a short description of each boss/enemy as well as the voice clips….. wait. The voice acting in this game is- get this- tolerable!? The Mega Man series is known for having terrible voice acting, but Capcom stepped up their game this time around and hired people who fit the characters. It’s still nothing perfect, but it’s much better than most Mega Man games.

Mega Man 11 is still a Mega Man game, but with the new art style and double gear abilities it still feels fresh. It’s a very enjoyable game to play through and it is approachable to newcomers. It still has some major flaws such as a very short campaign, lack of post game content and Bounce Man’s stage. I still like the game with those flaws, heck I might put it in my top 5 Mega Man games. Time to decide the score…..
Mega Man 11 Gets an 8/10 (Very good).

(Article by the Masked Warriah)MM11 Review image

One Reply to “Mega Man 11 Review: A Bust(er) Or a Must?”

  1. I’m getting this game! I am mostly a Mega Man X fan but I’m gonna give standard Mega Man a chance. I don’t like the 8-bit versions, I am so glad that Capcom decided to reach a bigger audience after MM9 and MM10!


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