The Most Real Smash Leak You’ve Seen Ever For Sure and I’m Totally Not Lying. Not at all.

Hey guys, Bulba here and with the beginning of October comes a new huge new leak which was tooken down by the creator of Super Smash Bros Mr. SpongeBob Sqarepants himself. Is your body Reggie? I sure wasn’t ready for this myself. I’m sure you’re hungry go see it so let’s do this, okey?

Here is your list of newcomers:

Stanley (SpongeBob Squarepants): He was the most heavily requested character from the Smash Ballot back in 2013 by far. Mr. Squarepants is also a big fan of his charm and had fun coming up with a moveset. He was totally not paid by Stanely to be included but that’s besides the point. This is the biggest character inclusion in the series’ history!

Roll (Mega Man): Even though Mr. Squarepants promised everyone isn’t here, he had the choice of going with either Roll from Mega Man or Mega Man himself. Ultimately Sakuri felt that Roll has impacted gaming as a whole much more than Mega Man. All of her moves are her shouting “Mega Man” as she is not very combat heavy. Good on Mr. Squarepants for staying faithful to her roots!

Chi Chi (Dragan Ball Z): If you were expecting Goku, you’re wrong! Chi Chi will be the next newcomer and will eventually be announced in the Smash Direct last yesterday. She is the Bayonetta of Smash Ultimate due to her being the most powerful character from her series. Mr. Squarepants was never more sure of a desicion.

Jake Paul: The popular and loved by trillions Jake Paul will be face camming his way into Smash! Whenever you touch a button playing with him he makes a 30 minute minute that you can not skip watching. Games he plays include Roblox and Fortnite. Speaking of Fortnite…

Default (Fortnite): Your favorite default- default will be shooting his way into Smash. His taunts include a dab, the floss, the shoot and his ever so popular default dance. He uses various guns from the game and his final Smash is of him blinding the players with meme compilations, that’s how he always wins.

Xx_nOoB_xX (Roblox): Our favorite character made out of blocks oofs his way into Smash as expected. This character was so obvious as his sticker was removed from Smash Brawl so it was bound to happen. Mr. Squarepants had trouble coming up with a moveset so when you press a button he dies making an “oof” sound.

Thanos (Avengers): One snap and half the characters on the screen are gone. Another snap and he wins the game immediately. Mr. Squarepants thought this would be the best way to keep the game balanced as it wouldn’t be without him.

Geno (Super Mario RPG): Literally nobody cares about him so let’s move on to the echoes!

Here is your list of echo fighters:

-Logan Paul as an echo of Jake Paul.

-Omachao as an echo of Roll.

-Minecraft Steve as an echo of Noob.

-CoD as an echo of Default.

-PubG avatar as an echo of Defult.

-Beerus as an echo of Jiggly Puff.

-Naruto as an echo of Chi Chi.

-Broly as an echo of Olimar.

-Happy (Fairy Tail) as an echo of Bayonetta.

Here is all the information of the leaked Spirits mode in the leak; Thanos snaps his fingers and everyone dies except Jiggly Puff and Olimar, the two greatest Smash characters. It is up to you to get to and defeat Thanos on time before he snaps in a second.

That’s all for this huge leak. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon! Happy October!

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