The Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Newcomers!

Hey guys, Bulba here and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming in two months which is something to be excited about. However, Sakuri did warn us to not expect too many more newcomers and that the newcomer announcement pace will slow down. But does that mean to expect only two newcomers? How does the box theory take part in this? Let’s find out inside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

So, what is the box theory? The box theory is the theory that there is one echo and one newcomer left to be revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to the amount of empty spaces for character slots on the sides of the bundle box. The characters are displayed with the first nine from the official order on the left side and the next nine from the order on the other side of the box, and this goes until the final amount of newcomers. However next to Ryu, Pacman and Cloud there seems to be a skipped slot as it only shows eight characters before moving on to the next nine. This likely means that we are either getting Ken, Ms. Pacman, or a Cloud echo with Ken being the most probable due to recent rumors and the leaked screenshot. Counting Ken and the recently announced Isabelle, that would leave one empty slot for a final newcomer such as Incineroar or Geno.

The box theory, as disappointing as it may seem to only have one echo and one newcomer left, has even more evidence backing it. Recently on a pre download card for the game in Japan it was shown that of all the character picture slots, there was room for two more characters. Thankfully Nintendo has moved around art and promotional material quite a bit for this game such as for the main art (to add more characters with each announcement) and for the European box art (to fit the rating) so it is possible that they shrink the portraits or find another way to rearrange them. Also, it is highly unlikely Sakuri would leak us the final amount of newcomers before he has shown them all.

How many newcomers should we expect then? Well, provided the box and card theories are correct, do not be too disappointed if Ken and Incineroar are truly the last newcomers. If the box theory is not true then I say we will get four newcomers, two of which are echoes. Those would be Shadow (echo), Ken (echo), Incineroar (new), and biggest of all Geno (new). Fortunetly if your most wanted character isn’t seeming too probable, there is still hope.

DLC is happening 110%. Smash 4 DLC sales really impressed Nintendo and it would be a convenient (not for the wallet) way of adding characters who were highly requested but did not make the list. Assuming Incineroar and Ken are the final newcomers then expect Shadow, Geno, Issac and a Microsoft representative to all show up as DLC. Steve has been heavily rumored but then again Banjo and Kazooie have been highly requested characters so the Microsoft rep could go either way.

To cap this all off, when will we see the final Smash Direct? Mid to late October would be the perfect time for that. It would be right before the Super Smash Bros. Switch bundle drops in November and it gives them a bit over a month to market all of the characters and modes before the game finally comes December 7th. The absolute latest to expect a Super Smash Bros. Direct is mid November which is highly improbable. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if one was revealed for next week.

Who do you think are the last newcomers? Do you believe the box theory? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Thank you for reading and I will catch you later!

(Image credit: Featured Image includes properties and images from Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom and Square Enix. All characters and images belong to them, none belong to me. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle photo from via Nintendo.)

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