Steven Universe White Diamond Discussion: Does She Have Mind Control Powers?

Hey guys, Bulba here and I’m trying something new today. As you probably know if you’ve seen me on Twitter or other social media platforms I am a huge Steven Universe fan. Anyways if you like these Steven Universe articles let me know! But enough of that, you came here to see what I have to say on White Diamond. There will be Spoilers for the episodes up to Legs From Here to Homeworld, you have been warned. Let’s get to it!

One question commonly asked by the Steven Universe fan community is if White Diamond is able to see through the minds of others. I think that she indeed does have that power, but to a certain extent. It is made known to us White Diamond knows that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond as she refers to the whole situation as a “game.” That clearly shows that White Diamond has extreme authority and high power over all other gems as Rose Quartz “shattering” Pink Diamond spawned a huge war and loss of thousands of gems. If she is a gem and is the highest of all, it makes sense that she would be able to connect with the minds of other gems.

What is the extent to this power? Well, it works on gems and gems alone. I would say this excludes Steven as he is part organic. This would explain why she didn’t let Steven explain anything. If all she knew was that Steven was being born and couldn’t read his mind after, then she would not know that Steven does not have Pink’s memories. That would also explain why Steven was expected to get back to work after he was sent to his “room” by her.

Another piece of evidence is that Steven himself was able to read the mind of others, to an extent of course. Steven must be completely knocked out but as long as he gets close enough to other gems/humans in his “realm” then he can successfully communicate with others through the mind. This is taken to the next level with Yellow and Blue diamond as if they are near other gems they can communicate with others through the mind without having to black out. However, for White Diamond I believe she can read the minds of other gems from any distance at all.

One thing against this could be that White Diamond could have easily read the mind of Pearl instead to understand what happened after Steven was born especially since Pearl is being speculated to be White’s Pearl before being replaced with Pink’s first Pearl. Maybe White Diamond wasn’t intrested in knowing what happened after as she had more important things to do, but we will have to wait and see.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments below. See you all soon!

(IMAGE CREDIT: Steven Universe episode Legs From Here to Homeworld by Cartoon Network)

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