Crossover Nexus Review: The Best Cartoon Crossover in Years?

Hey guys, Bulba here and recently there was a very special crossover based on four characters aired on Cartoon Network. It was Crossover Nexus, an Ok Ko episode featuring Ko, Garnet from Steven Universe, Ben from Ben 10, and Raven from Teen Titans Go. It was full of cameos, a fitting plot and awesome character interactions so let’s get into it! (If you know the plot, skip to the sixth paragraph)

The special starts with the villain of the special, Striker, choosing a new hero to summon to destroy the other heroes he summoned who rebelled against him. That’s when Garnet grabs Ko after Ko is summoned and they meet up with Ben as they introduce themselves. Soon after that Striker destroys Garnet’s glasses which help her focus her future vision and Ben’s Omnitrix which helps him turn into ten different creatures. They escape to a room where multiple heroes have been turned into stone by Striker.

In this room we see a way too many cameos to list here, not to mention this is all taking place in CN City where old Cartoon Network bumpers would take place. They find Raven who used a protection spell to not turn into stone by Striker. Garnet frees Raven and they set out on their way to destroy Striker at his layer. They use Raven’s flight abilities to pass any traps in the path.

Striker uses a giant pen to corner them after finding them and keeps them there so he could power up. While he powers up Ko finds out that the pen also has the abilities to reverse everyone’s power back and he uses it for that purpose. They would then fight Striker with Ben fighting him last, but his Omnitrix is a bit different this time. Due to Striker being able to summon any hero, Ben’s Omnitrix now turns him into any hero as it was made with Stricker’s pen. He blows out Striker with Fin from Adventure Time turning into many different Cartoon Network characters in the process while the classic bumper theme was playing, and it was amazing!

With Striker defeated and with their powers back, Garnet reprograms the pen to bring back all heroes to life. Raven creates portals for them to leave and they all say their good byes except for Garnet. Garnet gives Ko a hero card and promises to never forget him and see him again before leaving. That is where the crossover comes to it’s end.

While the plot of this crossover never got boring, it felt as if it was going at way too fast of a pace as it was originally meant to be twenty two minutes and was shortened to eleven. They even skipped most of Ok Ko’s intro just out get as much time as possible. Also, we don’t get any background on why or how Striker got in the position he was in which did not ruin the plot but it was jarring to see a villain appear and disappear within eleven minutes. Overall the plot was very enjoyable but it wasn’t perfect of course.

The humor and call backs to Cartoon Network history were not even close to disappointing. The best moments are when Garnet gives Ko’s silly idea for a team name a 10/10 while all of the others give it a zero, and when Raven almost goes back to the original Teen Titans but realizes her mistake and fixes the portal to go to Teen Titans Go. As for the references, literally every single Cartoon Network original Cartoon and bumper was references in some way. When Ben was turning into all the different rumors not only was the bumper music playing, but the colors go from Cartoon Network’s current style to their old checkered black and white style. Ben also references Cartoon Network’s current slogan for new episodes “new new new new” and it’s great. Overall the references and humor were the highlight of this special.

This special gets a 9/10 from me. The references, humor, plot, animation, voice acting, etc where all top notch. However, the plot was condensed to fit the 11 minute time which made it feel as if it was going by too quickly and we never hear of Striker’s origins. Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you thought of Crossover Nexus on Twitter or in the comments below. See you soon!

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