Team Sonic Racing Discussion: Good, Meh, or Bad?

Hey all, Bulba here and Team Sonic Racing is the next spin off for the Sonic franchise apparently set for release in Winter 2018. However there have been recent rumors saying it has been delayed to 2019 which got me thinking. How will Team Sonic Racing go with critics? Let’s analyze the reasons it could be bad, meh, or good.

Contrary to what many believe, Team Sonic Racing could very well be something special. Firstly it is being developed by Sumo Digital who also developed the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing games and SEGA Superstars Tennis. To many critics those games ranged from good to amazing, meaning Sumo hasn’t made any bad SEGA spin offs. Secondly, TSR may have many modes and other content that we do not know of. The only modes we know of are online, local co op and singleplayer which just can’t be the only modes. Finally, the focus seems to be gameplay over story and other things less important than gameplay which is always a good thing from what we’ve seen so far.

If it could be good, it could also be bad. First to support it being bad would be the price and budget. The price is $40 which is not the price of a AAA budget game, that means SEGA very well could have cheaped out on this. Secondly the roads seem to be empty with very little challenge and branching paths. Third, most race courses take place in previous Sonic stages and there are multiple roads for one place which is not good.

Finally, it could be meh. While the budget could point to it being bad, it could also point to it being meh as Forces was sold at the same price and was meh. Secondly while the race courses may seem very linear, we still have seen a few branching paths but not enough to make the race tracks amazing. Finally, the story is told through static images and text which is not terrible but shows that it is not too high on budget.

Overall I think Team Sonic Racing will be meh with critics and fans. Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments below. See you soon!


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