The Evidence For Shantae In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

For those who do not know, Shantae is the main protagonist of an indie game series called…. Shantae (Shocking I know). In this series you whip your hair, transform into animals/objects and stop the nefarious Risky Boots. Shantae is a highly requested indie rep for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… AND I WANT HER SO BADLY! So, in this article I’m going to be giving you some of the strongest evidence for Shantae in Smash. There will be smaller pieces of evidence I will be leaving out, but I am considering making a part 2 covering that. Also I don’t expect her to be base game, if she is in at all it will be an assist (please no) or a DLC fighter.


Major evidence:

So let’s start with the biggest evidence for Shantae, and its from her own game.
In late July of this year WayForward (Owners of Shantae) added a surprise free update to Shantae Half-Genie Hero, a mode where you play with Shantae in her jammies! In this mode there is some very interesting dialogue at the start of jammies mode. Take a look!

Screenshot (495)

Screenshot (494).png

Screenshot (497)

As you can see the dialogue draws very close parallels to Smash Ultimate. First things first “the ultimate slumber party” real subtle WayForward, it hits very close to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (The Ultimate Smash Bros). The other dialogue talks about her inviting everyone, just like “Everyone is here” from E3 2018. This is not the only evidence from jammies mode, at the end of it Uncle Mimic is hinting towards something big. Take a look!

Screenshot (502).png

Screenshot (501).png

Screenshot (503).png

Normally people would take this as a tease for the next Shantae game, but with all the Smash hints about Shantae in Smash from earlier I am taking this as more teases from WayForward for Shantae in Smash. This is the main evidence, but lets get to some smaller ones below.

shantae idle

Smaller evidence:
Starting off with the smaller evidence, Cristina Vee (Shantaes Voice Actor) recorded lines in september, the Tweet she made about that had 2 flexing emojis… Could those emoji be a sign she recorded some lines for smash? We can only hope so….
(Cristina’s Tweet)

Shantae has been with Nintendo for a long time, since the GameBoy Color in fact. Nintendo has also supported Shantae tremendously throughout the years. Shantae has also done extremely well on Nintendo platforms and is known as the Nintendo indie, that’s why if they had to go with an indie rep it would be Shantae.

In the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “everyone is here” artwork Daisy is shown to be interacting with something, her eyes are looking to the left of her and she appears to be sorta dancing with someone next to her…. who is known for dancing? Shantae!


This is it for the smaller pieces of evidence. I have one last piece of evidence to talk about and its the biggest!

Shantae dancing

2015 Smash Ballot:

Time for the biggest evidence supporting Shantae in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! In 2015 there was a Smash ballot where you could vote for what character you would like to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. WayForward was pushing very hard for people to vote for Shantae in the Smash ballot. They tweeted about it a ton, they made artwork for Shantae in smash and they even made different color swaps for Shantae in Smash! This is likely the most work any company has done to get their character in Smash. It is truly impressive. So tons of people voted Shantae in the ballot… and as you can see Sakurai has been choosing characters based off the ballot. With how well Shantae did in the ballot it is very likely Sakurai added her in.


Well, I hope that I showed you that Shantae could be in Smash through this article. I think she doesn’t have a great shot for base game but she could easily be DLC… and if anything she will appear as an assist. Thanks for reading this little article. See you soon! #ShantaeForSmash

(Article by The Masked Warriah. Image credit: Shantae is a WayForward IP, all Shantae images belong to them. Super Smash Bros. is a Nintendo property, any characters are art from those game shown are owned by Nintendo. Header image edited by The Masked Warriah)

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