The Grinch Steals Christmas… and Leaks the Entire Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster? (CONFIMED FAKE)

Hello guys, Bulba here and the potential equivalent to the ESRB leak which happened in 2014 for Smash 4 may have just happened for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate possibly leaking the entire roster. Warning: this leak may contain huge spoilers for the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Now is your chance to leave. With that out of the way, what is the leak? What does the Grinch of all things have to do with it? Is it true or false? (Also, thank you to The Masked Warriah for editing together the header image!)

The leak shows two new echo fighters along with five original fighters. As seen below the original fighters include Geno, Mach Rider (Excite Bike), Banjo with Kazooie, Isaac, and the Chorus Kids. Other than those two echoes are shown; Ken and Shadow the Hedgehog. While this leak may have a lot of evidence, there are also a few things going against it. However, the amount of new fighters aligns perfectly with the “Blog theory” (a theory based off the Smash website saying six to eight characters remain).

The evidence is a huge part as to why people believe this. Firstly, there was a leak three weeks prior with the same exact fighters and echoes. Unfortunately, the person writing the leak wasn’t in a great mood while typing meaning it is very inappropriate, so for that sake I will not show it. Another piece of evidence is that Nintendo trademarked Golden Sun and Rhythm Heaven during roughly the same time earlier this year. This could have been for both Isaac’s and the Chorus Kids’ appearance for Smash. Also, we can see a version of battlefield which remains faithful to the one at E3 while making a few very slight changes (which does not disprove anything). Speaking of E3, before then he stated that he bought a mech related toy and teased at it being related to his upcoming project (which would become Smash Ultimate). Perhaps he was referring to Mach Rider who has many robotic elements? Finally, many characters were moved around and added to the art which would take many hours to edit and create.

The final two pieces of evidence are the biggest ones. Firstly, although the name was blurred out it was not done well meaning people were able to view and look up the name on Linkedin (I am not listing the name for his sake). It was found that the person actually works at a company which deals with promotional material for other companies such as Bandai Namco (who is developing Smash Ultimate) and Illumination. This brings me to my next piece of evidence where the Grinch comes in. The photo taken on Snapchat above (the supposed origin of the photo, where it was then leaked by a friend who saw it) features renders of the Grinch which have never been revealed before. This could very well indeed prove his job at the said company. There are a few other things supporting this leak such as the amount if newcomers matching with the amount of new stages left leaked by Coru Coru (a Japanese video game magazine), but those are not as significant and are partly based on speculation.

Now for the evidence against it. Firstly, Sakurai did say to not expect too many newcomers. Including echoes, the total amount of nee fighters would be 16 which is only one below Smash Wii U/3DS’ 17. Secondly, Sakurai also said to expect the news to slow down which this would be completely against in some contexts. Thirdly, fake characters have been very well implemented into the main art before and moving characters is possible via Photoshop so it is entirely possible that he spent hours making this leak just to get attention as many have done before. Finally, it was a bit suspicious how it was possible to view the name from Snapchat due to poor covering. Maybe he wanted people to look him up and see he was real so that the leak could seem more credible.

So, how do I feel about the leak? Honestly my opinion of it changes too frequently for me to give a definite answer. Whenever more evidence against the leak pops up, more evidence for it does as well. Until the next Direct, unfortunately we have to be patient, not give this leak 100% trust or distrust, wait and see. Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments below. See you soon! (#shadowforsmash)

(Image credit; header image edited by The Masked Warriah; Shadow is a property of SEGA, Isaac is a property of Nintendo, and the Grinch is a property of Ilumination. The other images feature properties from the various franchises in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch and whomever edited gets their credit where it is due.)

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