The Grinch Leak is Almost Confirmed Real, and Here is Why!

Hey guys, Bulba here and get hyped. The Grinch leak has had huge evidence lately which confirm it’s validity. It has gotten to the point where there is no need to take this with a grain of salt at all! Warning: this article contains massive spoilers for the final roster of the game. If you do not want to be spoiled leave now. With that out of the way, here is why the Grinch leak is real!

First is the strongest piece of evidence. On Little Mac’s foot of the “everyone is here” art after Isabelle’s reveal (the website had a poorly photoshopped version of the art where Little Mac’s foot was cut off and has since been fixed), you can see a green pixel when zoomed in. You can also see that Isaac is on green grass for the leak, part of which is covering Little Mac’s foot. Because of that people are suggesting that the green pixel comes from Isaac’s grass. This lead many to believe that Isaac was originally planned for the September 6th Direct which was delayed due to an earthquake in Japan leading to Isaac being rushed out of the everyone is here art. The reason Isaac would be tooken out is that many of his moves involve earthquakes. Also, when Isabelle was added to the everyone is here art, the camera goes all the way to the right before returning to the left to add Isabelle. They probably planned to have Isaac added, then the camera would continue going right and turn around to add Isabelle.

Me and The Masked Warriah came to a conclusion after some photoshop tests. We compared the difference in lighting for both Pikachu’s lightning and the green pixel for both the offical picture and the leak. The lighting differences on the leak’s yellow from Pikachu’s lightning and the official one are simalar to the green differences from Isaac’s grass on the leak and the green pixel from the non leak. This means that the green in the leak is likely the same as the green pixel from the official art.

The next piece of evidence involves two obscure references to previous games found on the leak. Firstly, Banjo and Kazooie are shown looking at Snake’s gun in fear. This is very likely a reference to a mission in Metal Gear Solid V where you had to hunt bears. The other reference is that Djinn, a creature from Golden Sun, was shown in front of Isaac meaning the creator must have had to know a lot about Golden Sun. These may seem far fetched but they are worth discussing.

Next is the reasoning as to why Incineroar has not been shown despite being leaked by Vergeben and a few other very credable leakers. This all comes from PapaGeno’s video, I highly recommend giving it a watch especially if you do not believe the leak as there is no Pokémon rep (link: What he says is that the reason for Incineroar’s disappearance in the art is that Nintendo got the rights to use Banjo at a E3 2018 meeting, which meant Sakurai decided to shove Incineroar to the side to put all his effort onto finishing Banjo on time. This would mean that Incineroar is being saved as the first DLC fighter. This honestly sounds like something Sakurai would do, and I believe that this is true. Out of all the fighters Incineroar would be the least exciting, and it would explain why Sakurai is getting this game out as late as possible on December 7th.

The next piece of evidence confirms Isaac’s presence in the game. The Growth Psyenergy from Golden Sun Dark Dawn was found in a video which released along side the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wendy’s Tailgate Tour. The fact this item has not been revealed or discussed and showed up in this video leads many to believe that this was an accident on Nintendo’s end, which I agree with myself. As for what the item could do, it could summon branches to attack from the ground like in the games.

Finally, there are a few things which needed to be covered about the leak. Firstly, two characters can be seen other than the one’s discussed in the previous article. Firstly there is an all white character who has yet to be identified. Secondly, below Mach Rider’s bike you can see Skull Kid’s mask. The picture above is the mysterious white figure and below is Skull Kid. This may mean during the next Smash Direct we will get a total of nine new fighters announced which, to me, is insane!

Thank you so much for reading! Do you believe the leak is real? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. If you think it is fake expect a rant from me. If you want to see more about the Grinch leak, view one of my previous articles which discusses the backstory and other evidence for/against it. See you soon, and get hyped!

(CREDIT: Information tooken from NGameTheCube on Twitter and PapaGenos. The Grinch is a property of Dr. Suess, Shadow is a property of SEGA, and Isaac is a property of Nintendo).

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