Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Direct Soon! (Predictions, Hopes, and Information).

Hey guys, Bulba here and it’s that time of the year (and last time of the year). Smash Direct hype time! Excuse me while I go obsess over Shadow the Hedgehog possibly being shown within the next two days… now that I’m back, let’s get into it. Remember; hype responsibly (because I’m totally setting a good example).

The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct will air on November 1st at 10 AM EST or 7 AM PT. It will have a run time of roughly forty minutes (for reference that is longer than the E3 Smash segment and as long as Smash 4’s longest Direct). Following the Direct will come a Nintendo Treehouse Live segment showing off various games including Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokémon Let’s Go, and of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is unknown how long these games will be shown, but it is likely that we may see the Smash characters shown for the Direct in action and get new information for any other games.

What are my hopes and or predictions for the Direct then (without Grinch leak spoilers)? I do indeed believe the Grinch leak is true and we will see most if not all characters shown from it. “Spirits” mode, the single player mode for Smash Ultimate who’s name was leaked in the previous Smash Direct, can definitely be expected to show up. As for what I think, there may be a few cutscenes but it will not be as ambitious as Subspace Emissary (Brawl’s story mode). It is safe to also expect new modes, the five remaining stages, more info on online play and more info on the vault where trophies are held. I am fully predicting a Smash demo to be announced to coincide with the release of the Smash bundle and Gamecube controller this Friday. Finally, we will see more assist trophies and bosses for Spirits.

Beyond this point lies Grinch leak info, potentially spoiling the final roster. Do not move on if you do not want to be potentially spoiled.

As I stated before I believe the Grinch leak is true due to it’s abundant evidence. Considering Isaac may have been planned for the last Direct (read about that here), where would he fit into all of this? I think it is quite likely that they show his reveal first at the beginning then move on to what the Direct would have been if it weren’t for the delay from the previous Direct. As for the either characters, they could evenly be spread between the beginning, middle and end. Shadow and Banjo are the personal fighters I most want, and I would love to see them here. While it is possible for Nintendo to save one reveal like Chorus Kids or Geno for the Game Awards (a day prior to Smash’s release), it is more likely for the first DLC character (potentially Incineroar, Incineroar’s absence from base game explained here) to be shown.

Thank you so much for reading. Are you hyped for the final Smash Direct this Thursday? Let me know on Twitter, Discord or the comments below. See you soon!

(Image credit: Nintendo on Twitter)

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