Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Direct Discussion!

Hey guys, Bulba, Chrizen, Alkaz and The Masked Warriah here bringing you a special type of article. All four of us will discuss what each of us think of the Direct via questions about specific parts. If you haven’t seen the Smash Direct, what are you waiting for, watch it now! Anyways, onto the article.

What do you think of the remaining three characters shown in the Nintendo Direct?

BulbaSour: Overall, I was slightly disappointed with the two remaining fighters who, thanks to Vergeben, were expected to show up eventually. To be honest I couldn’t bring myself to care much for Ken. Then, with Incineroar, I really liked his fur textures and some of his new moves. While solid characters for the final base game, there was also one more character shown. Piranha Plant may have been my favorite newcomer of the Direct coming out of nowhere for launch in February 2019. The roster as a whole did not disappoint, but these were certainly weak reveals to save for the final Direct. (R.I.P. Shadow, why must he meet such a fate!?)

Chrizen: I LOVE PIRANHA PLANT, we needed someone no one would have thought possible. Ken is cool, although I am not a fan of the input commands. As for Incineroar, I love Pokémon, but he’s kinda eh though he still looks fun.

Alkaz: Incineroar is definitely a main, for sure, and it seems to be the only Pokémon fighter who doesn’t have one of his specials based on a Pokémon move. I do kinda wish it had a trainer like Masked Royal (Prof Kukui). Ken seemed obvious to be in, but Piranha Plant should be self-explanatory, as of course, I did not see that coming.

Masked Warriah: A plant got in over *insert your most wanted here,* that’s all I have to say. Piranha Plant was a great troll, and Ken and Incineroar look pretty basic. :/

What do you think of World of Light?

BulbaSour: This was the ultimate part of the Smash Direct, being saved for last as the biggest reveal. The plot is simple yet powerful; after a mysterious being takes the spirits of the heroes of Earth, Kirby is the only one left meaning it is up to him to save the others from the evil spirits which now possess their bodies. I also liked the cinematic feel of the bosses shown and saving all of the characters seems fun enough. Don’t forget those amazing vocals added to the main theme!


Alkaz: I’m glad that we get something different from what is most fans wanted from a previous installment. This may be an unpopular opinion, but platformer levels in Smash haven’t had a lasting appeal from Brawl, and though Smash Run was fun, it was the same level over and over. This time we have event battles combined with stickers from Brawl, and the samples they showed us are very creative. Though the cutscenes are something I’m worried about, it could be something that’s minimal, so I wouldn’t keep that many hopes up.

Masked: Alright im ready! THIS MODE IS A LITERAL DREAM COME TRUE!!!! THANK YOU SAKURAI! The new music with vocals was total ear candy! Kirby being the main protagonist is really awesome for a kirby fan like me! The cutscene tells you enough while letting you theorize about the plot which I love! I really think the spirits battles are much better than barebones platforming level #139. I am so hyped to play this mode!!!! SO HYPED!!!

What did you think of DLC? (Cost, content, release, predictions, etc).

BulbaSour: I was worried Sakurai would not want to implement DLC into this game as he may consider it to be an ultimate package meaning it needs nothing more. Thankfully this was not the case as he announced five DLC fighters will be coming by the end of February, 2020. They will be released for $5.99 each coming with a stage and some music, unless you buy the fighter pass which comes with all for a total of $24.99. I personally expected DLC to go on for further than 2020, but Maybe Sakurai already has plans for the following Smash. As for predictions, I predict Banjo, Geno, Bandana Waddle Dee, Shantae, and one additional fighter. I will buy the pass and can not wait for the next reveal!

Chrizen: (Coming at a later date, thank you for understanding).

Alkaz: I’m glad we even have a fighter pass, many people were doubting me that there would be one, but behold. I’m also glad that they have a fixed number of fighters rather than just having announcements and not knowing when it ends. I don’t expectations for who will be in, but five leaves plenty of room for newly introduced franchises in the series. It will definitely be a LONG year of wait from 2019 to 2020.

Masked: I think it may be a bit pricey per character but the pass is at a decent price. I really thought they would keep it going for further than early 2020. As for my predictions, I predict; Shantae, Bandana Waddle Dee, Geno and two I am not currently expecting.

What do you think about Spirits and any other features of the Direct?

BulbaSour: Spirits mode is certainly a fun way to add replayability to the game as a whole while making for funner event matches. While I personally may not use it much, I will at least consider it every so often. The online has also tremendously improved, focusing on connecting you to players near your area in order to achieve a higher connection overall. Also, the online is no longer based off For Fun and For Glory while more being based on a point system which I do not mind. No other major modes were revealed, other than more info for options and help. Finally, Nintendo keep up the great Amiibo!

Chrizen: I think Spirits is a fun idea that adds a bit of thought to event matches and also expands on the base idea of event matches while changing it, making it more like the Chao garden for Sonic Adventure 2. Overall I think it’s a great new addition to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and hey, now these new trophies have a use. I think the changes to online were needed and make the online more accessible, especially with Smash Power where I can play anyone like i can play for example, Pit , who I’m not too good with but like to play, without being bodied. I also like how now you can play with more options in the online space and mess around with a lot more while waiting for a match. Tags are a fun way to show how many people you have beaten. I enjoy how now ALL STAR and 100 Man Smash can be playable on any stage with your choice in music. I love how the achievements board is more stylized than just boxes on a screen. Elite battles are a fun idea to help with balance patches in the future. ALSO I LOVE THE AMIIBOS.

Alkaz: I’m very excited for the online modes like Smash Arena. Having a private lounge with select people to invite and the option to fight or spectate are true gems for this game. It gives people who want private online tournaments some ease of access. Another thing I look forward to is the Smash World for the Nintendo Switch Online app, being able view replays and screenshots from your phone is a huge step up from uploading to YouTube via the painfully long process that is Miiverse.

Masked Warriah: I think spirits is a cool idea that adds a lot of replayability. I also think it’s a better way for characters to be represented other than trophies. I’m excited to try it out, as it is a pretty neat idea in general. However, I am worried about the online because they slammed a lan adapter in your face and mentioned connection stability several times. I think they have pretty neat ideas for this new online to. I really like the tags idea. Classic mode also looks pretty good. Multiman Smash looks pretty similar to its old form. This direct had a lot of little things that add up and I really like that, not much more to say. Pretty solid!

Thank you so much for reading. Did you like the Direct? Let me know on Twitter, Discord or in the comments below. I (Bulba) honestly give it a 6.5/10, the character reveals were lacking but the new story more than made up for it. See you soon!

(IMAGE CREDIT: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, owned by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch).

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