Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Were Ken and Incineroar Enough?

Hello, Bulba here and my Smash hype hasn’t gone down one bit since the last Direct. Just by the beginning of the Direct, it was proven that the Grinch leak was fake (I admit defeat) and Vergeben was right all along. However, some couldn’t help but be disappointed that characters like Isaac and Shadow were deconifirmed so suddenly and how characters like Banjo and Geno were nowhere to be seen. So, were Ken and Incineroar enough? Should Sakurai perhaps have ordered the announcements differently? Let’s find out!

Yes of course Ken and Incineroar were enough, especially since we got a story mode with cutscenes. Sakurai went above and beyond with this game bringing back all characters from each game and giving us newcomers fans have asked for for many years. Although this resulted in not as many newcomers being added, it resulted in a overall amzing (looking) product. However, the problem is not so much so the character line up. It was the order in which the newcomers were revealed.

The newcomers were revealed as followed: March (Inkling), June (Daisy, Ridley), August (Simon, Richter, Chrom, Dark Samus, King K Rool), September (Isabelle) and November (Ken, Incineroar). As you could probably tell Nintendo stuffed a bunch of reveals in the August Direct leaving a smaller amount for other dates. This caused the character reveal hype to not be steady, being higher in August while lower on any other date. It seems as if the reveals started strong and ended weak, there is a better way to approach it.

The order should have been as followed: March (Inkling), June (Daisy, King K Rool), August (Dark Samus, Incineroar), September (Isabelle, Simon, Richter) and November (Ridley, Chrom and Ken). This way coming off of the huge reveals at E3, we would still get strong announcements just not the strongest. Following that would be a huge announcement and Isabelle to go alongside her game. Finally, the biggest echo and newcomer would be saved for the end. This way fans would constantly be hyped to the max, on the edge of their seats.

Thank you so much for reading. How would you reveal the characters? Also, were Ken and Incineroar enough being the last newcomers? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. See you soon!

(Image credit: Incineroar is a property of Game Freak, Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. Based off Incineroar’s reveal from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Drawn and edited by BulbaSour, special effects added by The Masked Warriah)

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