Who Would Canonically Survive the World of Light Disaster? (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Hey guys, Bulba here and the recent World of Light trailer for me thinking. Who would he able to survive the disaster introduced in the World of Light opening scene without plot convenience? There are several things to take into account before I start. Firstly, this would be situational meaning the characters may not have access to all their power ups, items and vehicles. Secondly, if there are multiple versions of a character, they are based off their game which their appearance in Smash is based off of. Thirdly, I will go into detail of reasoning only if they would survive. Let’s get into this! (Thank you to The Masked Warriah for helping me plan this).

Mario- no

Donkey Kong- no (the banana diet was all for nothing).

Link (BOTW)- no (Revali’s Gale was too slow, R.I.P.).

Samus- no

Dark Samus- no

Yoshi- no

Kirby- yes. He would do it the same way he did in the trailer itself.

Fox- no (unless he is already in his ship ready for take off).

Pikachu- no

Luigi- no

Ness- no

Captain Falcon- no (unless he is already in his car ready to leave).

Jiggly Puff- no (of course yes, she is the most powerful living being ever. #buffthepuff).

Peach- no

Daisy- no

Bowser- no (as he is in Smash, most probably no. However in some of his greatest moments across all of his appearances he could possibly surivive).

Ice Climbers- no

Sheik- yes, she can use her deku bombs to disappear into thin air.

Zelda- no

Dr. Mario- no (medical school didn’t prepare him for this).

Pichu- no

Falco- no (unless he was already in his ship ready to go).

Marth- no

Lucina- no

Young Link- yes, he could use his Fierce Diety mask. If he does not have that he could use his giants mask to increase his size making it to where the beams are too small to be effective.

Ganondorf- yes, he can use his part of the triforce to teleport to an extent that is enough for him to escape.

Mewtwo- yes, the move teleport is used to go between towns in an instant. At that rate he could get out of the planet before the beam could hit him.

Roy- no

Chrom- no

Mr. Game and Watch- no

Meta Knight- yes, he can stop time temporarily to fly where he needs to.

Pit- no (he relys on Palutena to fly).

Dark Pit- no (he relys on Palutena to fly).

Zero Suit Samus- no

Wario- no

Snake- no (sorry buddy, a cardboard box isn’t going to help).

Ike- no

Squrtle- no

Ivysaur- no

Charizard- maybe (depends on the capabilities of his flight).

Diddy Kong- no

Lucas- no

Sonic- yes, he purposely slowed down to try to help Pikachu. Sonic’s speed is over the speed of sound and if he had the chaos emeralds, he could fly at the speed of light.

King Dedede- no

Olimar- no (canonically he is the size of a pebble… yeah good luck getting out of this one).

Lucario- no

R.O.B.- no

Toon Link- no (does that mean BOTW Link wouldn’t exist if he is his long descendant?).

Wolf- no

Villager- no

Mega Man- yes, he could use Flash Man’s weapon to temporarily stop time and fly away with Rush.

Wii Fit- no

Rosalina and Luma- yes, she could use Luma to create a warp star and fly to another galaxy.

Little Mac- no

Greninja- no

Mii Fighters- no (if Mii Fighters are supposed to be based off me, it’s not happening).

Palutena- no

Pac Man- no (don’t even tell me he can eat the beam).

Robin- no

Shulk- no

Bowser Jr.- no (spoiled kids can’t defend themselves these days…)

Duck Hunt- no (the dog can go die, R.I.P. bird).

Ryu- no

Ken- no

Cloud- maybe (we will come back to him. None of our writers are sure).

Corrin- no

Bayonetta- no (unless we go by her balance in Smash 4…).

Inkling- no

Ridley- no (he would have been too big for the beams, but not anymore!).

Simon- no

Richter- no

King K Rool- no

Isabelle- no (unless she reveals her face being too cute for the enemie to consider touching her).

Incineroar- no

Thank you so much for reading. Do you think one of these fighters who were listed as yes or no are wrong? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments down below. See you soon!

(Image credit: Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch)

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