Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Vergeben and Who Could be Next!

Hello, Bulba here and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC has been a big topic between all Smash fans. After a few claims from Vergeben and Sakurai himself, many are beginning to speculate on who the five DLC fighters Sakurai promised from the November 1st Smash Direct will be. For those who do not know, Vergeben is a popular Smash leaker who infamously predicted everyone is here, Ridley, Simon, Isabelle and a few others. Without further a do, let’s get to it!

Sakurai has made it offical that Nintendo has chosen the final DLC roster for Smash Ultimate. Being honest, Nintendo themselves was likely up to the task as he did not want people harassing his account if their character did not make it in. It is also important to note that Nintendo chose the roster, meaning it may not be as fan oriented as who someone like Sakurai would choose. But where does Vergeben play in all of this?

Well, Vergeben has apparently leaked two of the five DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These characters include Steve as a Microsoft rep and a unnamed Square Enix rep (he decided to keep it unnamed as Square Enix is currently destroying anyone leaking). While I do not personally care for these, they could make for a unique moveset being two very popular characters. As for who the Square Enix rep may be, it is very likely Geno or possibly Sora. Unfortunately, I can not see Sora happening due to complications with Disney. Now that we know two DLC fighters, that leaves three.

Nintendo has been pushing indies very hardly as of recent years. If there was one indie who had a chance out of all to be one of the three, it would have to be Shantae after Shovel Knight was deconfirmed via assist trophy. Another likely newcomer for DLC would be a rep for an upcoming Nintendo game such as Pokémon 2019 or Metroid Prime 4. Finally, the last likely newcomer is either Bandana Waddle Dee or another third party such as Ray Man. Although those are the most likely, they are not who I personally want the most.

My dream line up consists of another Sonic rep (namely Silver the Hedgehog or Tails “Miles” Prower), Banjo with Kazooie, Rayman, Shantae, and Revali from Zelda Breath of the Wild. However, their individual chances are not looking too likely. Sonic would have gotten another rep via Shadow if Sakurai or Nintendo really wanted it, Steve would be the only Microsoft rep as he is more relevant and his games still sell very well, Rayman has nothing going against him but nothing going for him (other than Nintendo and Ubisoft’s strong relationship), Shantae is likely only if Nintendo decides to choose an indie rep and Revali is neither a main character nor from an upcoming game.

One more thing I wanted to briefly go over is a possible Bethesda rep. Not only has Bethesda had a very strong relationship with Nintendo, but they confessed that they had made discussions with Nintendo about Super Smash Bros. Overall it is not guaranteed but is somewhat likely, and characters Nintendo could pick from include Doom Guy or Vault Boy. Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think on Twitter, Discord or the comments down below, and I will catch you next time!

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