Steve vs. Banjo: Who Will be Smash DLC?

Hey guys, Bulba here and a common discussion has been going on on my Twitter recently. Who will it be, Steve or Banjo that gets in as the Microsoft rep for Smash DLC? Well, that is what I’m here to discuss! Also, keep in mind Vergeben (the most credible Smash leaker) only said we would get Minecraft content and is not sure if we will get Steve for DLC. Anyways, let’s get to it!

Let us begin with Steve. Without a doubt Minecraft has made a huge mark on the entire gaming industry, going on to still sell after millions of copies already sold. It has even released on Wii U, (New) 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. Speaking of the Nintendo Switch version, Minecraft on there received the “better together” update where crossplay was pushed very heavily with Xbox. What is the point of all of this? Well, Nintendo and Xbox have been very friendly towards each other while discussing Minecraft, saying they have been encouraging each other for crossplay. This does very well help Steve’s chances as Nintendo has just finished choosing the DLC for Smash. There is not too much else going for Steve, but the fact that he is part of one of the top three best selling games is enough to get him in Smash.

Before moving on to Banjo, I wanted to discuss Steve’s moveset and a potential problem for him. His moveset could consist of his sword, hands, bow and arrow, ender pearl and potions. However, the problem is how he would perform his moveset. Steve has very limited movement, meaning it would be awkward to see him hang on to ledges, jump, and attack without bending his limbs. Also, Sakurai has stated he spent a lot of his time focusing on character expressions, while Steve would have the same pixely face which never changes. Finally, Sakurai has stated he likes Minecraft but that does not mean much as he also stated he played Shadow the Hedgehog.

Next is Banjo, who I personally want more. One of the biggest evidences for Banjo is that he (in an unofficial Smash Ballot for Japan) was the number one most wanted third party, even surpassing Geno and Shadow. Perhaps Microsoft wants to make their relationship with Nintendo go beyond Minecraft, or vice versa and Banjo in Smash would be the perfect way to do so. Thirdly, he has the history with Nintendo as he originally was a Nintendo IP first appearing on the Nintendo 64. Other than that, Banjo does not have too much evidence, but history has shown with Mega Man in Smash 4 that fan popularity can be more important than relevancy.

Next up is the evidence against Banjo, and although I said fan popularity > relevancy, Banjo has not had a game in a decade while it had only been one year or two since Mega Man’s previous game before the Smash 4 roster was chosen. Another potential problem is that Nintendo would also have to go through their old buddies back at Rare, who may or may not be willing to put Banjo in. Finally, it is important to remember Nintendo has chosen the DLC meaning they would likely pick a character from the second best selling game of all time (Minecraft) over Banjo.

So, who will it be? Banjo or Steve? I think the most likely scenario would be Banjo making it in along with a Minecraft stage/assist, as it would eliminate the problem of Steve’s movement issues while still giving his series representation. Also, I’m sure by now Nintendo knows Banjo could make them even more money than Steve as his fan support is all around the world, and not mainly in one region. It is also worth noting that Banjo is a more established character, as Steve is only the main skin used to promote Minecraft even though most people change their skins to be different people. Finally, it would go along with Vergeben who is still saying he is confident in Minecraft content but not a fighter.

Thank you so much for reading! Who will it be, Banjo or Steve? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter or on Discord. I also want to thank you for voting in my poll on Twitter, where my followers overall thought Banjo was more likely (you can see above). See you soon!

(Image credit: Banjo and Steve are both properties from Banjo- Kazooie and Minecraft, both of which are owned by Microsoft. Edited by me [BulbaSour])

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