Steven Universe Returning in December! (Speculation and Details).

Hey guys, Bulba here and you would never guess what? The Steven Universe four month hiatus is finally going to be over! Since the surprise release of Legs From Here to Homeworld on the Cartoon Network app, we have been left hanging with what the Crystal Gems’ fates could be after Steven’s encounter with White Diamond. With that, what are the juicy details? What did I notice from the promo image? When is it even happening, and for how long? Also, potential spoilers are ahead. Click off now to avoid all major spoilers.

The episodes will begin airing on December 17th, going up to a special finale for the arc on January 21st. The arc itself is titled Steven Universe: Diamond Days. The arc begins straight after the events of Garnet’s wedding and the diamond attack, with Steven and the crew going to Homeworld (keep in mind this arc begins with Legs From Here to Homeworld as it has not aired on television). There will be a total of five new songs in the arc, including the teased Escapism. The episodes will air in a weekly order at 7:30p EST/4:30p PT.

We can spot two huge things in the promo art above. First of all, Steven is shown wearing Pink Diamond’s outfit! This could coincide with the theory that White Diamond put Pink back in her room to continue diamond work not knowing that Steven doesn’t hold Pink’s memories. Perhaps White Diamond put him in the outfit as a game of hers, seeing that she doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. After all, she did refer to a huge gem war as a “game” which tells a lot about her personality. Secondly, Connie finally has her new sword. Whether she gets it from Bismuth on Earth or finds it on Homeworld is unknown, we will have to wait and see! A few other things I noticed were that the diamonds are shown to be on the side of the Crystal Gems, and White Diamond is performing the same pose as that of Legs From Here to Homeworld.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you excited for the upcoming arc? Let me know on Twitter, Discord or the comments below. See you soon, and hype responsibly!

(Image credit: Cartoon Network’s offical account on Twitter)

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