Where Does the Future Leave Sonic?

Hey guys, Bulba here and Sonic has had a decent time recently between the success of Mania, the pleasing sales of Sonic Forces and the rerelease of classic games. However, now that over a year has passed the future of Sonic remains a big question in the community. Will it go down from here, or improve? That’s what I want to discuss, including some potential hints from the offical Sonic Twitter. Keep in mind I may be misunderstanding these hints and that this is all speculation, but with that out of the way let’s discuss!

Sonic Adventure and the formula it brought to the table has been something fans have wanted to return since the coming of the boost formula. However, time and time again Sonic Adventure 3 (or something similar) has been denied to be in the works by Izuka (Sonic Team lead). So, why would the gameplay style return now after over a decade? Well, the offical Sonic Twitter has been using a ton more Adventure Sonic in promotional material then usual. This is important as the same thing happened with Sonic Mania, as Classic Sonic (or references to him) was in almost every Tweet they made before the reveal of it. Another possible hint could be that the Sonic Twitter gave multiple hints leading to the phrase “there will be a little gift in December.” While they also said it will not be a big game announcement, I am still placing my bets that it will be Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 ports to Switch.

So, will the adventure formula return? Possibly, but I think the adventure love is due to the Switch ports. The boost formula is likely to stay as they had success in bringing it back and they made a modified engine based off Lost World’s for it. The more important question is if the next game will ge better than Forces, and… possibly? Considering Sonic Team probably wants to rush a game to be out for the movie, unless they have a big team that does not leave much time to make an amazing game. On the bright side Sonic Team did call for a delay of Team Sonic Racing to make the game the best it could be with the budget given, so perhaps they won’t rush the next game. The only things that are a safe call for the next game are the boost formula returning, the game to be at least ok, and unfortunately the return of Classic Sonic (or at least classic stages/simalar gameplay). Although I don’t like it, we haven’t gotten a Sonic game with all original stages since Sonic Colors in 2010. Even Team Sonic Racing will have half returning stages!

So, if SEGA did make another Adventure style game what would it be like? For starters, the graphics and music would be great as they have been. Considering Crush 40 is making a return for a spin off such as Team Sonic Racing, it is a guarantee they would be here for the Adventure style return. I think SEGA will likely try to replicate the gameplay from the first Adventure rather than Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes as it is generally most liked by the fans. Also, it could save on development resources as you spend more time exploring one area rather then going in a more straight forward path (which would have to be more stretched out in terms of level design) like the later Adventure games. Finally, it will likely be released on all platforms (Xbox One, Switch, PS4, PC) and perhaps even be $60 like Sonic games used to be. One last tid bit; do not worry, SEGA knows how made we would get if Classic Sonic or returning stages were in. It is likely they will make it completely original.

Considering the boost formula is likely to return, what would a game using that be like? Considering it is not the return of a formula fans have demanded for over a decade, it is safe to say they will include returning stages once more as I said earlier. Modern Sonic stages will be a mix between Generations and Forces which is an improvement, but it would still need work. Classic Sonic would definitely have his level design and physics fixed after the monstrosity that was Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces. But, will the avatar return? Depends. If this is a direct sequel to Sonic Forces than it is a guarantee, but if not he is a little less likely. Finally, there is a fifty fifty chance Crush 40 will make it. Sonic Forces’ soundtrack was still amazing without them, but it would certainly please a lot of fans.

Something I wanted to discuss before heading out is Sonic’s life outside of video games. With the movie coming 2019, it is very possible to get another movie a few years later if it performs well. The movie itself will probably be decent, it has a good budget and talented people. The comics will certainly continue for years just as the Archie comics did. There eventually will be a T.V. show, and I’m honestly hoping it is based off the comic’s plot. There will also be a ton of merchandise, including some silly choices like the Sonic Toaster which recently came out. Topping it off, the games following the discussed games will likely build off the formula of the next game.

Overall, the future of Sonic will be decent. One more thing I wanted to quickly mention is the return of Classic Sonic in the form of his own game, and it is almost guaranteed. Tee Lopes and Hyper Potions both returned from Sonic Mania for Team Sonic Racing, so it’s likely that they would happily return for Classic Sonic again. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think on Twitter, Discord or the comments below. See you soon!

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