What Can we Expect Mario & Luigi for Nintendo Switch to be?

Hey all, Bulba back to remind you of a franchise that will likely always be stuck on 3DS to die out. Jokes aside, Mario & Luigi is a RPG based on the Mario series which started on the Gameboy Advance. Since then, it has had countless games spanning from the first game (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga) to the Bowser’s Inside Story remake coming in January 2019 for 3DS. Unfortunately, there has not been one home console game in the franchise although the critics and fans adore the games. So, what could another Mario & Luigi be like on a HD console like the Switch? (Keep in mind this is all speculation, nothing is confirmed).

First up is what I’m most excited to discuss, the art style. Let me start by saying please do not make it with 3D models. It would be unfaithful to previous art styles and would not look as good as other possible art styles based on the graphical capabilities of the Switch. The series should stay 2D until Nintendo has a console with amazing Unreal Engine 4 capabilities. The series instead will likely adapt a hand drawn art style which would look amazing. This means they could be as creative with designs and background layers as they want rather then having to make 3D models for everything to then put in a skybox. One other way I could see the art style going (which I prefer) is simalar to Sonic Mania. They could keep the pixel aesthetic of the first three games while still keeping it beautiful on a HD screen.

Visuals don’t make up the game, however, as much as gameplay does. They should stay away from gimics as much as possible so that the game will have support on handheld mode, table top mode, docked, and with both Joycons as well as Pro Controller. One thing I think that could be amazing is to have co op that involves one player being Mario and the other Luigi. They could even go as far as to make this mode online which could be a huge selling point. While I did say to avoid controller gimics, a few would be fine such as ones involving gyro controls (which are accessible between all forms of play). Of course the controls would be identical to those of the previous games on handheld.

Finally, the icing on top of the gameplay and art style would be the music. I think an extreme use of electric guitar would work awesomely based on the music this series has. Both a mix of all digital with electric guitar or a fully orchestrated soundtrack would work. The final thing to point out is that the music should have a simalar epic, motivating feeling as the music does now. The pace and beats of the music fit very well with the battles as they are (at least from the games I have played).

Thank you so much for reading. Do you want a Mario & Luigi game on Switch, and what would it be like to you? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. See you soon!

(IMAGE CREDIT: Mario & Luigi artwork and logo are owned by Nintendo. Header image edited by me (BulbaSour))

2 Replies to “What Can we Expect Mario & Luigi for Nintendo Switch to be?”

  1. I completely agree! I think Dream Team managed to get a good balance between 2D and 3D art, but if it changed itself any more, it would become a little bit odd. Anyway, I’m just hoping that we’ll get a new title in 2019, and that it’ll be a main series instalment, and not another spinoff/remake 😀

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