Do Assist Trophies or Spirits Deconfirm DLC Fighters? (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion)

Hey guys, Bulbe here and 5 DAYS REMAIN GET HYPPEEDDD. Anyways, the longer we’ve known the complete roster of fighters, the more we speculate on DLC. With that many fans have been trying to give evidence for their favorite characters ignoring the fact that they may be a spirit. So, do spirits and assist trophies deconfirm fighters? That’s what I’m here to discuss! Keep in mind I could be completely wrong, and that this is all speculation. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

First let’s discuss assist trophies. As much as we would love Shadow, Isaac, Shovel Knight, Bomberman, Skull Kid, Ashley, Knuckles or even Waluigi, I’m sorry but it is extremely unlikely. Out of all the fan made rules such as trophies can not become characters, this is the one that has never been broken. There is a first time for everything but what benefit would Nintendo have choosing the DLC fighters to be characters already represented? Also, it would be very off putting to have Shadow (for example) being defeated by a Shadow assist trophy thrown by another Shadow. Sure you could bring up the Chrom argument with how Chrom claps at himself for winning as he appears in another character’s victory screen, but that is just one minor version of one fighter’s victory screen.

Next up is Spirits, and this one I’m a bit more unsure about. However, I’m going to say yes for a few reasons. First of all, as evident by my DLC article, Nintendo can still easily pick a roster of fighters (some of which are fan favorites, some of which promote future games) that are not spirits for DLC. Secondly, while characters who were trophies did become playable in Smash 4, trophies were completely collectors items while with spirits you can use in battle. This means that it is unfair to use trophies becoming DLC as evidence for spirits, they are completely separate things. Finally, the argument that fighters are already spirits so future ones can be to is false. The playable fighters only have a spirit that is completely cosmetic and are not equipable, not to mention Piranha Plant does not have a spirit. Overall, it is very possible that spirits do not deconfirm fighters, but I’m still leaning towards no.

Thank you so much for reading. Do you believe spirits or assist trophies deconfirm DLC fighters? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. See you soon, and hype responsibly!

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