Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Predictions!

Hey all, Bulba here and Smash is offically less then one week away! With that, Reggie has also teased a Smash related announcement for the Game Awards on December 6th. What will it be? Well, the only thing left to announce for Smash. A DLC fighter for the Fighters Pack! That got me thinking; now that we know all the spirits and assist trophies, who is neither assist nor spirit that could possibly be a DLC fighter? That’s what I’m here to discuss. Also, this is just a reminder that these are my opinions on who the fighters will be and none of this is confirmed. Now that that out of the way, let’s get to it!

Number 1: Chrono. Chrono, believe or not, has a good amount of evidence. First there is the fact that this is one of the Square Enix reps which the famous leaker Vergeben said he’s heard more than others. For those who do not know, Vergeben has stated previously that he knows for a fact we will get a Square rep. Another piece of evidence for Chrono would be that he is by the same designer as Goku, meaning Goku supporters would at least get a Dragon Ball like character to be pleased. Finally, there is the fact that Chrono Trigger (Chrono’s first game) was exclusive to the Super Nintendo and it was also ported to the DS, meaning he has a rich history with Nintendo. Chrono is the character I would like to appear more than any other Square Enix character, although other possible Square DLC fighters include Sora, a Final Fantasy character, and a Dragon Quest character.

Number 2: Poochy. I know exactly what you’re thinking, but please hear me out. Poochy sounds like a side character which would fit perfectly for a spirit. However, he is nowhere to be found in the games files at all. Not only that, but he is set to have a roll in Yoshi’s Crafted World which releases next year. Considering that Nintendo is choosing the DLC, it makes too much sense as promotion for Crafted World. I personally wouldn’t mind Poochy at all, and it would be really fun to see what his moveset has to offer.

Number 3: Fire Emblem Three Houses rep. This is the rep I have the least to say about as my knowledge on Fire Emblem is limited. However, I can still provide the evidence. Nintendo got to choose a DLC fighter for Smash 4 being a Fire Emblem rep, so it makes sense to choose a Fire Emblem character for Ultimate as well. Fire Emblem seems to be the franchise Nintendo likes to push the most as it is not as popular as Mario or Zelda, and a Smash fighter would be perfect to do so. All in all, I would not be bothered or excited by his inclusion.

Number 4: Banjo and Kazooie. Don’t worry, I can already see the doubters. But don’t press X to doubt yet, because he actually has a fair amount of evidence which makes me really happy. First there is that while Nintendo will choose most of these characters for advertising of an upcoming game, they have to at least pick one fan requested character for the five. Banjo makes a ton of sense for that pick as he (in almost every fan poll) is the most wanted third party newcomer. Not only that, but Microsoft and Nintendo’s relationship is at the strongest it has ever been between Minecraft crossplay and the two tweeting at each other. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has even stated multiple times be would be completely ok with his inclusion. Finally, what I believe to be the biggest piece of evidence, cancelled Rareware Spirits were found in the game’s files that were not Banjo and Kazooie. While they are no longer in the game, this proves that Nintendo has had discussions with both Microsoft and Rare about Smash. Overall, I will be very happy if Banjo makes it in as he is my second most wanted newcomer.

Number 5: Sylux. With Metorid Prime 4 coming out soon enough and Sylux being the main antagonist of the game, he makes sense. Also, other bounty hunters were shown to be spirits but not Sylux. Finally, he is the most reoccurring bounty hunter in the Metroid games other than Samus herself meaning he is a well enough known character. I personally want him myself, I am a huge fan of the Prime series and I find his character design very cool.

Overall, I would be very happy with these choices if my predictions are correct. The only character of the five I would not care about is the Fire Emblem rep, but Nintendo is a business meaning they will try to use the fighters for their benefit, not to mention Fire Emblem fans will enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading. Who do you think the five DLC fighters will be? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. See you soon!

(IMAGE CREDIT: Nintendo, Square Enix, Microsoft and Rare own the properties and character renders/sprites used)

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