A first look at the Sonic the Hedgehog movie unites fans

Hey all, Bulba’s back and has never wanted to throw up looking at a movie poster so bad. For those who have been living under a rock, we have known and gotten small tidbits on a Sonic movie planned for November 2019. However, today we were “gifted” with our first siloute of Sonic himself. I think it is safe to say no matter which type of Sonic fan you are, or which Sonic style/look you prefer, we have never been so united on one opinion as a community. It looks terrible!

First let’s analyze the picture (I apologize for the poor quality, this was the best I could get). Sonic is shown with fur filled blue arms rather then his regular arms, which were made of skin. Speaking of his arms, both his arms and legs appear more muscular than usual. He is shown with a brand new pair of shoes, and no socks or gloves. If you thought that was bad, wait till you hear (or I suppose see) this. His eyes are literal green dots. There is not white surrounding his eye for an iris, or even the skin around his mouth, just all fur and two dots as eye balls. Not to mention his huge (and distracting) head with puny ears 🤮.

The reason fans do not like the design is because of how unfaithful and unfamiliar it is compared to Sonic’s previous designs, and apparently SEGA agrees. The producer of the movie had an interview with IGN, where he stated that SEGA was not happy at all with how the eyes turned out. He also stated that SEGA wanted Sonic to be more Pixar like, rather then a mix of hyper realistic and cartoony. He said that they went with the design they went with because they felt like a normal Sonic would not fit in a world with real people. Seriously? Not only has Sonic had realistic humans in his own games, but he has also appeared on a Progressive commercial where he did not appear off putting at all!

I suppose with the negatives come a few positives with the new Sonic, but none are enough to justify the design one bit. First of all, Ben Schwartz will be voicing the character. Although he has never had a part in the Sonic franchise before, he is still really good at voice acting and has shown potential to sound perfect as Sonic. Secondly, if the movie does well critically then it would be a decent way to introduce young kids into the games. Were you hoping for more positives? I’m sorry, but there are literally no more.

Thank you so much for reading. What do you think of Sonic’s new hideous design? I certainly do not like it as you can tell, so I wonder if anyone likes or even prefers the design. Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. I’m sorry for being a bit more sassy than usual, but do you blame me? Anyways I’ll catch you all later!

(Image credit: SEGA, Paramount Pictures, Sony and IGN).

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