Were the Pokémon Plus and Minus Rumors Just Confirmed True?

Hey all, Bulba back and with Let’s Go recently released we can’t help but speculate; what will the next titles promised by Game Freak for 2019 bring to the table? While we do not know if anything is 100% confirmed yet, the offical Pokemon account in Japan tweeted a very odd, yet familiar image. Also, we can see hints within the image that leads us to believe the games will truly be “Pokémon Plus and Pokémon Minus” after years of speculation and rumors. Before we get into that, it is important to know why this should be taken seriously.

(Paragraph by Nido17. Click these to check out his Twitter and YouTube channel). “In 2016, shortly before Sun and Moon’s release, Game Freak posted on their Facebook page an image of Hawaiian flowers with a shadowed picture of Earth. Yesterday, on December 9th, Game Freak posted a similar picture including Minun and Plusle in the background showing almost the exact same image of earth with the North and South American continents. It is not a coincidence.”

All the way back in January of 2014, My Nintendo News posted a very odd article discussing rumors of Pokémon Plus and Minus. They said that Game Freak was given very early development kits for a brand new system, where the games would be released. Apparently the game would be set in South East Asia, the battle style will be completely revamped, the team is going to put a lot of ideas they wanted to implement into the franchise for years, and the theme is “Old Tradition Vs New Exploration.” It also mentions there being different experiences on both handheld and a terminal unit, meaning this is very likely referring to the Nintendo Switch. If you want to read details on the starters, legendary Pokémon and more check out this link: https://mynintendonews.com/2014/01/06/next-gen-pokemon-games-called-plus-and-minus/.

There are a few major points to bring up. Firstly, this is pretty much confirmed real as it has references to the Switch three years early and it was recently teased by Game Freak themselves as you saw. Second of all, apparently the battle system is going to be simplified. I am unsure of how far this will be taken, but I am personally happy with this change. It can sometimes take a while to decide which type is strong against the other and what move to use. Also, the theme mentioned above sounds very interesting. I think it could involve two teams in each version of the game, one of which supports tradition while the other supports new technology (similar to the teams for land and water in Ruby and Sapphire). The final thing I wanted to discuss is the fact that the experience will change between handheld and docked modes, and I am not too happy about this. It is of course possible they did change this (considering how old the post is) but I think many of us have wanted a full on core experience on TV for a very long time. I hope the differences will not be too major between the two modes.

So, when can we expect these games to be announced? Considering both the Sun and Moon teaser and this new teaser came out in December, and how Sun and Moon were revealed in January, it is safe to say we will at least hear of the games by the end of February. We likely will not get too many details until around April or May, however, as Game Freak likes to put some time between their title reveals and gameplay reveals. It has been confirmed in a press release by Nintendo that the Pokémon 2019 games will come late 2019, leading most of us to believe it will come out in November (like every other Pokémon game).

Do you believe the rumors are true? Would you like them if they were? Additionally, when do you think they will be revealed? Let me know what you think on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. I think it is safe to say 2019 will be amazing for us Nintendo fans, and a Pokémon reveal would be the perfect way to kick off the year. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you all later!

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