Nintendo Direct Coming Soon With a Witcher 3 for Switch Announcement? (RUMOR)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Bulba here and I’m back on the article train! I’m sure you don’t care about that though when there is a high chance of a Nintendo Direct coming within the next two weeks and a possible Witcher 3 port to Switch, each with major evidence. I know what you’re thinking right now; is a Witcher 3 port even possible? And what makes me so sure there is a Direct coming so soon? Well, that’s what I’m here to discuss! Also keep in mind these are rumors, meaning they could be real or completely fake. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

First let’s start with the reason you are probably here; the Nintendo Direct. Recently on the offical Nintendo of Japan website, the Mini Direct which aired in January of 2018 and the Pokémon Direct which aired in June of 2017 were pulled down. The significance of this is that the same thing happens roughly one to two weeks before every Direct airs. The previous Directs or a Direct which people could confuse an upcoming one with are the Directs that are usually removed, and coincidentally the January Direct from 2018 was removed. Not only that, but for the past three years Nintendo has hosted some sort of event (usually a Direct) in January which adds even more credibility to the idea. Overall, a Direct is looking too likely at this point which gets me excited.

While the January 2017 Direct makes sense to be removed, why was the Pokémon one removed as well? Well, Game Freak did tell us they hope we are in for a surprise near Christmas and they left us with very similar hints as they did for Sun and Moon before it’s reveal for the upcoming games. This could mean one of three things; we are getting two Directs in January. One would be either a regular Direct or a Direct mini, and the other would be a Pokémon Direct. It could also mean Pokémon is not getting it’s own Direct but will play a major role in a regular Direct instead, but that is unlikely as Pokémon announcements are almost always separate from general Nintendo Directs. Last and certainly the least would be that we are just getting a Pokémon Direct with no general Direct in January. Either way, it seems we are getting some form of Direct.

So, where does the Witcher 3 fit into all of this? Well, a respected French retailer has recently put a Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch listing up and it was soon taken down. The reason I and many others think this is real is because this would be a perfect surprise announcement for a Direct, and would you look at that, a Direct also happens to be rumored. However, unfortunately storage may be an issue. Assuming this game uses a 16 GB cart it could have up to 50 GBs to download, but it is likely the Switch version will be compressed a bit. As for graphics; the Switch will be fine. Sure it may not be the best looking version of the game probably running around 720p 30fps, but if Panic Button is anything to judge by all that is needed to bring a intensive game to Switch is talent.

Before I head off, I just wanted to list a few obvious and not so obvious announcements which could be made during this potential Direct (these are not my full predictions). First of all, it is likely that Yoshi and Fire Emblem are given trailers featuring concrete dates for release. It is almost certain Animal Crossing will get a name and gameplay reveal as it is rumored to come out during the first half of 2019, although a date would probably be saved for a March/April Direct. Another likely game would be Pikmin 4, as it has been almost four years since Miyamoto confirmed it was almost done and during E3 2018 Miyamoto reassured us it is coming. Finally, we will likely see first and third party ports such as Super Mario 3D World or an Assassins Creed collection for example.

Thank you all so much for reading. Do you think the Direct is real, and what about the Witcher 3 listing on a reputable site? Let me know on Twitter, Discord, or the comments below. My prediction is we will be getting a full Direct on either January 3rd or January 10th, as Directs usually fall on a Thursday. Then, towards the end of the month we will get a short but promising Direct Mini for Game Freak’s Pokémon plans in 2019. See you soon!

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