Steven Universe Together Alone Review + Escapism Mini Review!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Bulba here and wow that episode was soooo good. For those who don’t know, Steven Universe is in the middle of an arc called “Diamond Days” where Steven is trying to convince White Diamond to come to Earth and heal corruption. Let me just tell you, if you watch the show and haven’t seen this arc please watch it now! Anyways, this article will obviously have spoilers for “Together Alone” as well as the whole Diamond Days arc so leave now if you do not want spoilers. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

The episode immediately starts with a banger, confirming the whole “White Pearl was once Pink Pearl” theory. It is shown through a flashback scene where Steven, representing Pink Diamond, is messing around with Pink Pearl only pretending to be productive in front of Yellow Diamond. I found it hilarious how the crewniverse referenced the meme revolving around Yellow Diamond’s neck being long, and I did not see that coming. But anyways it ends with Pink Pearl fading away, Steven looking up at White Diamond and barfing Rose’s hair?

Yeah, it was a bit dark, and we have no clue why Steven was depicted as throwing up Rose’s hair, so I guess we’ll find out. I will say I was not expecting the theory to be confirmed or another flashback to happen this soon, and I think it was an exciting start to the episode. This makes me believe Pink Pearl was replaced by White Pearl, otherwise known as our Pearl, because the previous Pink Pearl was not a good influence on Pink Diamond. It is also completely possible that Pink Diamond was irresponsible with her Pearl which lead to her being shattered and resurrected by White Diamond, giving her the new black and white color scheme.

After Steven wakes up from his nightmare, he wakes up to find that the Pebbles have reconstructed his house in Pink’s room. He then proceeds to ask Yellow and Blue Diamond if he could throw a ball as a chance to talk to White Diamond, so Yellow and Blue agree to the idea as it could also mark the beginning of era 3 on Homeworld. That’s when Yellow and Blue Pearl were left behind to help Steven plan for the ball, and this was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

The pearls learn what fun is and we find out that Blue Pearl enjoys drawing while Yellow Pearl enjoys modeling. This could be a potential hint that both pearls rebel to their diamonds after realizing that the diamonds do not let them be who they want to be, but that’s just speculation. I just enjoyed how, even though Homeworld view pearls as tools or things, pearls still have unique personality and character traits.

Then comes the ball itself, and let me say things do not go too well. At first everything appears to be fine until Connie suggests to Steven to come and dance, even though it is considered very informal for diamonds to dance. All of the gems stare as Steven and Connie fuse by accident while dancing, and Garnet, Opal, and a new fusion all come to the defense of Stevonnie. Unfortunately, the defense is to no effect as all of the fusions are poofed by Yellow and Stevonnie is thrown in a room to think about what she did.

I’m not going to lie it felt kind of out of place for Connie to be the one to convince Steven to do something he was uncomfortable with. Even though this may be to show that Connie has changed since her appearance in Alone Together, where she was too afraid to dance while other people stared, Connie is the type of character who would rather play safe then do something against the rules just for fun. Although, this of course did not ruin the episode.

I also found it odd that Steven isn’t at a point to where he can control his feelings with others preventing him from fusing, as he has not fused by accident in a while. Overall, this was still the most hype part of the episode and I can’t wait to see all the Crystal Gems get new forms. Remember that both Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Peridot and Lapis are poofed, meaning all of them will get a fresh paint over.

Now for the article exclusive section, where I will be giving a mini review to Escapism. Here is a simple plot rundown; after Stevonnie has no success for getting out of the jail cell she was thrown in, Connie comments on how there is nothing they can do and no one they can contact. That gives Steven the idea to use his mind powers to contact Bismuth, but it only results in him becoming a Watermelon Steven. We then spend time- a lot of time- learning about the other Watermelon Stevens and the politics on their island. Steven eventually builds a ship and leaves the island only for it to be destroyed by a watermelon shark, leaving Steven stranded in the water. Lion senses Steven and picks him up in the middle of the ocean, taking him back to Beach City. Steven writes out to Bismuth and Greg that he needs help and his spirit returns to his body in homeworld. We are then left with a “I guess we’ll find out what happens next.”

I will admit, this episode was much less hype. The episode focused way too much on the Watermelon Stevens with only roughly half the episode being plot focused, which I found boring. I will say the song that played while Steven was talking to Bismuth was amazing, along with the plot parts of the episode. In the middle of an arc that will affect the rest of the series, all of a sudden reintroducing Watermelon Steven was a bad idea in my opinion. Overall, I’m definitely feeling more negative regarding this episode and this is not enough to hold me over until the next episode.

Thank you all so much for reading. I am so ready for the hour special, Battle of Heart and Mind as it drops on January 21st at 7:00 PM EST, especially if we do end up getting Lars’ return. We also know that we will be getting a minimum of two new music tracks in the special! Anyways, I’ll catch you all next time!

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