Nintendo Rumor Round Up! (Pokémon, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime and More)

Hey everyone, Bulba here and leak season has come upon us! We have exciting leaks, all of which are very credible. This involves the next Smash DLC fighter potentially being leaked and the Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch being ground breaking. Not only that, but we could have potentially gotten unofficial hints at a new Zelda and a Nintendo related trilogy. Before I get into this though, I just wanted to make it clear that these are all rumors with some being more credible than others. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

First let’s start with the Pokémon rumors, which is probably the reason you’re here. Thank you to Umbra Trainer for providing information. Anyways, a leaker by the name of King Zell decided to comment on if Pokémon 2019 will be disappointing after someone asked. Why should we trust him? Well, not only did he leak Let’s Go and Pokemon Quest, but he also leaked a World Ends With You for Switch reveal alongside a mini Direct in January 2018 and Animal Crossing for the September 2018 Direct.

According to King Zell, the Pokémon 2019 games will be “Breath of the Wild tier.” What does this mean? Well, don’t get your hopes up for a open world Pokémon game. It likely just means that the next Pokémon game will be a huge break in tradition, and that the franchise may finally be more modernized. In fact, even the CEO of the Pokémon Company himself stated the next game will break tradition so this makes sense.

In fact, we have yet another Pokémon leak that could hold some form of credibility. An anonymous leak on 4chan (please hear me out) quickly got the user banned within minutes. The same person under a non anonymous account reposted the info only for it to get him banned again as well as this time the entire thread. It stated that the next Pokémon games will have one hundred and six brand new Pokémon, it will have the biggest region yet, Pokémon will get another shiny form, and that the solar system will be represented by legendaries.

Considering all the credible leaks and official statements regarding the next Pokémon game, I think it is safe to not expect the next games to only be Sun and Moon HD in gameplay. Not only have statements been made regarding the game breaking tradition, but also for it having a ton of new Pokémon and for it having the best graphics in Pokémon history. Game Freak is well aware that misleading and over hyping fans will only result in complaining, so for them to say what they’ve said means they are really confident in this next game. Either way, I just hope we get that reveal soon to be honest.

Now to Smash Bros. Recently there has been debate on who the next Smash DLC fighter will be. For those who don’t know a character codenamed “Brave” was found in the coding of Smash Ultimate. Along with Brave came his character stats such as his running speed and jump height. However, recent leaks have been contradicting Brave’s stats. Here is evidence for the three possible fighters “Brave” could be!

First up is the obvious Erdrick. For those who have been living under a bridge, there has been a leak from 5 channel detailing Erdrick’s DLC pack. The reason people are looking at it as a possible leak is because it correctly predicted that Arc was developing a Grandblue fighting game and that Persona 5R is a thing. It is entirely possible that this person only had sources relating to Atlus (Atlus is related to the Grandblue fighting game and owns Persona) and made the whole Erdrick part up. The other piece of evidence going for Erdrick is that the class of hero he is in directly translates to “brave” from Japanese to English, matching with the codename.

Next up is Sora. The reason people think Sora is a possibility is because when the stats of brave are modded into another character, the floatiness and speed look like they would suit Sora very well. Also, Sora has a valor form which is called his brave form in Japan, connecting him to the codename. Sora does not have too much going for him but he is definitely still a big possibility.

Finally is the one I want most, Banjo and Kazooie. When Brave’s stats are applied to another fighter the character slides while turning, similar to how Banjo slides before turning. Also, Banjo starts with a B just like brave. This could be important because Joker’s codename is Jack which starts with j, and Piranha Plant’s codename is Pakku with starts with P. Last but not least, the way he is related to the codename is because he is referred to as “brave hero” at the end of Banjo-Kazooie.

Overall, the one I want most is Banjo, but even though Erdrick doesn’t look like he would work too well with the coded stats of “Brave”, he is still the most likely in my opinion. Now let’s hand it back to King Zell!

King Zell didn’t only leak Pokémon content, but also leaked us two hints relating to January 2019 Direct announcements and the next Zelda. The first thing he said is that we will be getting a trilogy and a 2D. He later clarified that the trilogy is Metroid Prime, and the 2D is Zelda. My most wanted trilogy on Nintendo Switch is indeed Metroid Prime so I am very excited to try the third game for the first time and replay the first two. As for Zelda, I have limited experience with the 2D games so I’ll definitely pick up the next one for Switch.

What he said about the next Zelda was that if we liked Breath of the Wild, we would like next year. I think it is pretty obvious he is referring to a new Zelda mainline game, as we already know one is in the works. This is likely not DLC because Nintendo already confirmed that they were done with Breath of the Wild. I think this mainline game would be similar to Majora’s Mask in that it reuses the engine and a few assets from the previous game to make a completely new one. Either way, I’m ready for the next open world Zelda.

Last up is Metroid, and I’m sure you’ve heard the unfortunate news; Metroid Prime 4 has completely restarted development. However, Nintendo handled the situation brilliantly and honestly leading to a more positive reaction. While I understand the situation and am happy with Nintendo’s decision, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed that I will have to wait all the way until 2021 before I hear anything about the game. It was easily my most anticipated Switch game, but now that the game is being restarted I have very high expectations. If this game is not as good as previous titles, which Nintendo themselves promised it will be, Nintendo will not be forgiven especially since it is now being worked on by Retro Studios.

Speaking of Retro Studios, how did they get to work on the game? Well, according to Imran Khan on Twitter (the senior editor of Game Informer) Retro Studios approached Nintendo with a demo which pleased them. This gets rid of the worry that Retro didn’t want to work on the game and was forced to by Nintendo which makes me happy. Apparently before Retro Studios, the game was being worked on by multiple studios of Nintendo between multiple countries… yeah, I can see why development was rocky.

Thank you all for reading. I’m really excited to see what’s coming, so let me know what you think down below if you have a WordPress account of course. I’ll catch you all later!

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