(RUMOR) Nintendo Direct Approaching Soon and My Predictions!

Hey everyone, Bulba here and I know it has been quite a bit of time since my last article. But I’m back… hopefully! Today I have some juicey things to talk about, such as the possibility of a Nintendo Direct coming soon and my predictions for said Nintendo Direct. Keep in mind, there is a possibility that this is all false so no need to attack me for something I never promised ok? Anyways, let’s start with the rumors and why I think one is coming soon!

So, why do I believe a Nintendo Direct is coming? Well, recently Best Buy’s employee system leaked a few games for Nintendo Switch. These games included Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and a Link to the Past…? Yeah I’m not sure about what that last one could be but that’s besides the point. Leaks like these usually occur before a Direct, such as when Best Buy listed a bunch of untitled games for Switch before E3. Also, this is the last week week of Reggie being president at Nintendo, so they better set him off in a special way.

Then, there is that multiple announcements must happen before E3. Mario Maker 2 needs a blow out as it is arriving in two months, Astral Chains needs a new trailer as it is coming August, Daemon X Machina needs a date as it is slated for summer, and Joker alongside the entire 3.0 update in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is set to come with two new modes, Joker, Joker’s stage and Persona music all needs to be released this month. Not to mention, I may have heard a few things from certain people; I can not be positive on anything so please do not get your hopes up.

(Added evidence on April 7th, 2019 at 11:50 PM EST. *Gaming Intel has since been disproven*). Recently, the Nintendo Direct which took place in February of this year has been taken down from Nintendo’s Direct playlist. This often happens when Nintendo is making way for the next Direct so it is very likely one is coming at least somewhat soon. Also, GamingIntel has recently reported on a Direct taking place April 11th. Although their track record is messy, they did correctly leak the September 6th Direct and November 1st Direct last year. With that out of the way, here are my predictions for this rumored Nintendo Direct! (Everything going forward are predictions/speculation on my end, and unless stated otherwise is not based on factual evidence or any sources).

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, I’m pretty certain Super Mario Maker 2 is going to be the focus of the Direct taking roughly five minutes. We will likely see any remaining features, enemies, items, etc with a few surprises left for the actual launch of the game and an exact release date. Then, as I said, Smash 3.0 will likely be here as well as the release date for Daemon X Machina. It is possible Smash 3.0 could drop right then and there, but I can’t be sure.

Next up, I believe both Animal Crossing Switch and Luigi’s Mansion 3 will get trailers. Animal Crossing won’t be a blow out but instead just a short trailer, showcasing some gameplay and a vague release date such as Fall. As for Luigi’s Mansion, they will probably show a bit more but I’m still betting on a vague Fall release date as well. These will probably both be blown out at E3 with specifics and more gameplay. Wether the Direct will end with Animal Crossing or not I’m not sure, but it would be a good way to send off Reggie for his final Direct.

All the rest of the rumored games that have not been shown will likely be here as well. This includes Metroid Prime Trilogy which I’m super psyched for, Pikmin 3, and possibly Persona 5. I say possibly for Persona 5 as there is a project titled “Persona 5 S” set to be revealed on the 25th which could possibly be the Switch port. If Persona does not show up in this Direct, don’t be surprised. As for Pikmin 3 it was leaked by the famous King Zell, who also happened to leak Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing and a ton of other Nintendo Switch games. Metroid Prime Trilogy however is a lock as it has been leaked by both King Zell and Best Buy.

Now for my non obvious nor leaked predictions. I do think we will see Retro Studios somewhere in this Direct, wether for their own game or a game they are assisting with. This is obviously disregarding how the Metroid Prime games were made by them, so it would be something different from the trilogy. Perhaps that Star Fox Grand Prix game was real, which I would personally be down for; it was described as a mix of Diddy Kong Racing and F-Zero. I know we would rather have an ambitious mainline Star Fox game but you can’t tell me that does not sound fun.

Next up, I don’t think Link’s Awakening will be anywhere in this Direct. It is only a remake, so they can easily wait until E3 to show any new content and a date. However Zelda may show up in the form of “a Link to the Past” as foretold by Best Buy. While this could be another remake, I’m not sure Nintendo would want a remake to compete with another remake upcoming. Perhaps it is a small eshop remaster in the vain of the Christain Whitehead version of Sonic CD, or SNES games could finally come to Switch and it could be a download code for it.

Next up is another big one, I think two huge AAA ports will make an appearance. The first one I believe is Red Dead Redemption 2. I know what you’re thinking but please hear me out. The creators have expressed interest in the platform, and if games like Doom and Hellblade can run on Switch the way they do than this should be somewhat possible. The next one is a bit more likely being Spyro. There have been too many times where Spyro on Switch was mistakingly leaked or hinted then quickly covered up, to the point where even if a port wasn’t planned they might feel bad and actually do it.

My final prediction is… no new Smash character. I hate to say it, but I feel like they would rather wait two months to reveal a character at E3, especially if the character is Banjo as rumored. Also if Joker is going to make this month the next character must be in very early development, and I think Nintendo will want to reveal future characters with gameplay unlike Joker. It is not impossible, in fact it is possible they are holding back Joker to space out DLC fighter releases and the next character is already far in development, but I think it is unlikely.

Now I just want to get a few more obvious things out of the way. Bayonetta, Metroid Prime 4 and Shin Megami Tensei V won’t be in the Direct for obvious reasons. Also, Town will likely get a trailer/release date as it is supposed to come this summer. Additionally, we won’t see any new mainline Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade, etc unless ported. I will say Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker 3D and Xenoblade Chronicles X are all possibilities for ports.

Thank you all very much for reading! Let me know your predictions on Twitter, Discord or the comments below. This article will be updated if a Direct does or does not happen this week, but either way I’m super hyped. I believe this will be the Direct we have been waiting for as the February Direct was disappointing to many people including me. Anyhow, I’ll catch you all later!

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