Steven Universe Together Alone Review + Escapism Mini Review!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Bulba here and wow that episode was soooo good. For those who don’t know, Steven Universe is in the middle of an arc called “Diamond Days” where Steven is trying to convince White Diamond to come to Earth and heal corruption. Let me just tell you, if you watch the show and haven’t seen this arc please watch it now! Anyways, this article will obviously have spoilers for “Together Alone” as well as the whole Diamond Days arc so leave now if you do not want spoilers. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

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Steven Universe Returning in December! (Speculation and Details).

Hey guys, Bulba here and you would never guess what? The Steven Universe four month hiatus is finally going to be over! Since the surprise release of Legs From Here to Homeworld on the Cartoon Network app, we have been left hanging with what the Crystal Gems’ fates could be after Steven’s encounter with White Diamond. With that, what are the juicy details? What did I notice from the promo image? When is it even happening, and for how long? Also, potential spoilers are ahead. Click off now to avoid all major spoilers.

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Crossover Nexus Review: The Best Cartoon Crossover in Years?

Hey guys, Bulba here and recently there was a very special crossover based on four characters aired on Cartoon Network. It was Crossover Nexus, an Ok Ko episode featuring Ko, Garnet from Steven Universe, Ben from Ben 10, and Raven from Teen Titans Go. It was full of cameos, a fitting plot and awesome character interactions so let’s get into it! (If you know the plot, skip to the sixth paragraph)

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