(RUMOR) Nintendo Direct Approaching Soon and My Predictions!

Hey everyone, Bulba here and I know it has been quite a bit of time since my last article. But I’m back… hopefully! Today I have some juicey things to talk about, such as the possibility of a Nintendo Direct coming soon and my predictions for said Nintendo Direct. Keep in mind, there is a possibility that this is all false so no need to attack me for something I never promised ok? Anyways, let’s start with the rumors and why I think one is coming soon!

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What Can we Expect Mario & Luigi for Nintendo Switch to be?

Hey all, Bulba back to remind you of a franchise that will likely always be stuck on 3DS to die out. Jokes aside, Mario & Luigi is a RPG based on the Mario series which started on the Gameboy Advance. Since then, it has had countless games spanning from the first game (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga) to the Bowser’s Inside Story remake coming in January 2019 for 3DS. Unfortunately, there has not been one home console game in the franchise although the critics and fans adore the games. So, what could another Mario & Luigi be like on a HD console like the Switch? (Keep in mind this is all speculation, nothing is confirmed).

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Nintendo 64 Review: The Best or Worst Nintendo System to Date?

Hey guys, Bulba here and I have something special for my sixty forth article here today. I am reviewing the Nintendo 64, Nintendo’s first attempt at a 3D system entry. It released in time for the 1996 Christmas season to compete against the PlayStation and SEGA Saturn which came the previous year, launching with a small handful of games (one of which had the biggest impact in 3D as we know it today; Super Mario 64). So what do I think of the Nintendo 64 considering I had never purchased one until a few years ago? I will analyze the system, it’s controller and six games owned for the console. Let’s get to it!

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